Thursday, September 11, 2014

Werewolf Week: Half Moon

A big hi there to all intelligent life and as for the rest of you, the secret is to bang the rocks together.  Welcome to Day 4 of Werewolf Week brings us to yet another indy that thankfully has heard of camera stabilizers, provides a decent enough story and humanizes its characters.  Is it one for the kiddies?  Well considering it is a tale of the prostitute and the werewolf I am going with no on that one.  With a minuscule budget, very few well known names and an adult actress as a lead most would put this in the soft core rating and call it a day but hold people, this has a plot.  This is Half Moon.

Sorry, floated an air biscuit.  Apologies.

Amusingly enough our story is actually in L.A. as our writer/director Jason Toler takes us out on the hunt via the mean streets with a series of young ladies of the night making ends meet and hopefully their "Johns" won't be psychotic or homicidal when the rumor mill is talking about girls going with a fella and winding up dead.    Two girls are peddling their wares as they chat.  Tammy (Adult actress Nicki Hunter) explains about this client she sees every so often is into a little bondage, passionate and all in all a gentleman.  She watches out for her friend Rose (Adult actress Tori Black) in the hopes that her naivety doesn't get her killed when Tammy gets picked up off the street by a cop.  Rose scared to be alone tonight but knows she has to make her quota for her pimp takes Tammy's gig and hopes for the best.

Gonna be at least $350 if the film crew is gonna watch.

She meets Jacob (Marek Matousek of In with Thieves, Never on Sunday, American Fetish, The Brazen Bull and Pulse of the Indigo) a tall drink of water that as an air of refinement, charisma and taste.  Rose is confused on how this man would ever need a hooker when his charm could seduce even the most frigid of ice queens.    He pays up front for the night, has room service brought in and simply converses with the girl.    Their interaction of course leads to a tame love scene with little to no nudity.  Rose goes to clean herself up when she spies a small satchel with zip ties, rope and tranquilizers leading her to believe this is the killer.     Can Rose get away in time?  Will her pimp demand money from her as she narrowly escapes with her life?  Will Jacob track and hunt her down?

A few words on the film itself.  Being an indy production our director had the right idea in scooping up girls that do not have an issue with nudity.  Using the residing neighborhood and a stage set which doubles as a haunted house once a year worked well as most of the scenes the budget is workable and I was actually pleasantly surprised at the chemistry of Tori and Marek. This film is primarily dialogue driven and sets a nice steady pace with a bit of exposition but moves nice and even.  This is actually little to no gore and the love scene's nudity is light as well.

Admittedly going into this film I am expect the cliches of rampaging beast slays hookers as some sort of easy prey, hooker barely gets away and teams up with cop/werewolf hunter and blah blah blah and this is nothing of that sort at all.  A simple story of a cursed man meeting a lost girl and there in lies a moment of connections of both heart and body.

 Unlike yesterday's shaky cam seizure inducing deluxe, our crew know their jobs, the lines, sound and lighting.  Some decent hand held, little bit of tri-pod and studio camera.   I cannot believe I am writing this but this was actually an enjoyable movie and I hope Tori gets some more movie roles.

Behold! The dangers of masturbation!!! Hairy everything!

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