Friday, March 9, 2018

Sneak Peek Preview: Axemas

Ah me, the demanding life of a film reviewer.  Hey folk, welcome back to the blog.   So thanks to Dustin Ferguson and the Nemesis 5 review, a colleague and friend of Dustin's asked if I could give his film a viewing while he is already working on the sequel.  Now how can I ignore that level of hard work, am I right? Today's film belongs to director/writer/producer/actor John Ward (Chapman's Storage: Fake Commercial, Axemas, Frames of Fear 2, and pre-production of Meathook Massacre 4 and post-production of Axmas 2: Blood Slay). His film is clearly part of a segmented five-part film highlighting five separate directors. This is Axemas.

I'm no doctor but you might want that sucking chest wound looked at.

Our opening title cards is followed by a mild xylophone playing as we look at a storage unit being broken into by a bad boy on the naughty list. Our thief (Tommy Sihavong of Axemas and Frames of Fear 2) didn't hear sleigh bells ringing and tingling but hears something metal being drug across the concrete. Naughty or nice, our thief is ready to defend himself and his ill-gotten gains when "Santa" pitches him in the storage unit, closes the door and we hear the thief's screams and that same ripsaw going to work. Yeah that may have even grossed out Rick and Billy of Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 and 2.  The irony of this comment I wrote, is there are two off-camera characters are named Rick and Billy.

A simple fade to black (don't start quoting the song), brings us to a kid on the phone bored out of his skull, calling buddies over to party the night away.  When you think about it, clean up will be a breeze, cans will go to recycling and hopefully they aren't using other people furniture to make out and screw. Oh man, they are totally going to use that furniture, aren't they?

A planned get together will lock the place down at 11 and apparently no major security with exception of cameras on the outside of the building.  Hopefully at least a security guard and a dog?

David (Dillon Wieshuhn of Daywalker: Blade Origins, Axemas, Drug Z and Amygdala Warrior) has the keys to the castle...well the storage place and invites his friends and girlfriend over for some Christmas cheer, in the form of booze and partying.

"Santa" and his magic murder bag, dripping of blood from now we can assume chopped up thief parts are probably making their way to disposal of the body.

Psst, let's go rattle the walls. Hmm? Ya feel me?

The storage center overall looks to be almost two, maybe three blocks in length so our young couples are looking forward to a bit of fun, drink and some of each other later.  Guys, honestly rent a couple of hotel rooms.   Maybe get a cabin for the weekend.  They're pretty reasonable rates if you book months in advance.

As the kids explore the massive maze that is the center, somewhere in this huge complex is a blood spattered Santa (John E. Seymore of Water in the Bay, Tangled 8, Blessid, The Weed Detective, Drug Z and Frames of Fear 2 )creepily singing to himself, enjoying some cookies in his chair when he hears a few giggles from the girls and guys.  Not wanting his festivities to come to an end, Santa decides to look on these boys and girls. And THANK YOU for not revealing Santa's face prematurely!

Seriously I cannot thank John Ward enough to make the proper decision to keep our killer's face concealed. Maybe he enjoyed the original Black Christmas. God knows you can't sit through the remake.

Our couples along with David and Sarah (Ashley Campbell of Atelophobia, Guard Dog, Designated, Unwritten, Atelophobia: Chapter 2 and Alien Domicile ) are Chuck (Nathan Scott of The Weed Detective, Drug Z and Frames of Fear 2) and Liz (Lindsey Cruz of Atelophobia, Rust, Rust 2, The Radiant One, Atelophobia: Chapter 2 and Drug Z) and Lee (Mikey Anthony O' Brien of Drug Z, Frames of Fear 2 and Alice) and Linnea (Kamiko Kawada of Shadows, Not a Care in the World, Into Paradise and Frames of Fear 2)

The party starts winding down and Chuck and Liz go off to find their own locker to get busy.   Don't blame them.  Probably had to see white folk dance.   Trust me, I'm white and it bugs the crap out of me to see that gyrating mess.

One by One, Santa's coming for you all. He's checking his list and scratching off those bad kids.

Can they flee to save themselves? Does one of these units belong to a paranoid NRA gun nut?

Ah mistaken for firewood.  It happens.

Okay on technical lighting choices and the fact I have rented a storage unit before, they cannot actually have the lights off in sections. With that comment out of the way, the less lighting actually makes the film look creepy. With more shadows to work with, sounds being amplified by the doors and walls of corrugated steel, would confuse the hell out of anyone without a proper sense of direction or carrying a compass.

The subtle touches with the music played VST (Virtual Studio Technology. Yeah I am becoming an audiophile.) giving synthesizer and sound effects at the ready for editing is a Indie budgeted director's dream come true. Good mood setting, easy story to bring more into it, decent gore effects and props, I think we got a budding director that simply needs a bit more funding behind him and he'll spatter the walls with some real nasty effects. Ward has suspense building, decent tension build up and proper music stingers.

Cranking out at 25 minutes, the tone was set, characters are in place and giving decent performances. This is part of an anthology set (A collection of short stories) showcasing multiple talents and different directorial styles.

I honestly think with a bit more of a longer script and maybe two or three more cast members, you could make a gore fest but I like the more subtle encounters. This isn't that typical overblown Hollywood Hack'em up with far too many jump scares, one dimensional characters and far over the top gore effects.

Now yes, you can argue well they didn't have the length of time as a standard gallon of gore of at least 75 to 90 minutes of bad CGI penetration shots or CGI blood gags.

Ward could buy that software for editing but I prefer the cut scenes with the aftermath established. It provides a better visual and the death grimaces on your actors will always look nastier.

Had some influence from the first Silent Night, Deadly Night and Halloween 2 to it.  Nothing wrong with that at all.

An old recipe of horror elements, teens doing dumb things and the enraged psycho made this a fun viewing. Personally, I hope to see more of what John Ward and his crew have to offer.

Don't think even the Ice Cream Bunny will work with Santa now.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Coppola Original: Dementia 13

Welcome back to the blog, folks. Hope you enjoyed the Sneak Peek Review on Nemesis 5.

Looks like more than a few did. And by a few I mean over a thousand views there!!! but now it is time for the flick of the day. So a bit of digging as this was Coppola's first legitimate film, he had done a few sexploitation films prior to today's film.

Now this is not to put him in the same category as Jean Rollin or God help him, Jesus Franco but I just thought it was a funny notion that the man that brought us the Godfather did a couple of nudie flicks, The Bellboy and the Playgirls and Tonight for Sure. Yes plenty of T & A black and white so have at it. Today's film is a horror/thriller that could be considered a jump start into crazed axe murderer story lines and a precursor to Halloween and Black Christmas. This is Dementia 13.

Aww... he's holding her head while she pukes.

One night out in the moonlight for a row in the lake, John Haloran (Peter Read of Dementia 13, Freakshow, Johnny Shortwave, Talons of the Eagle and Rin Tin Tin: K9 Cop) is explaining to his captivating wife Louise (Luana Anders of The Pit and the Pendulum, Dementia 13, Easy Rider, Shampoo, The Missouri Breaks and Goin' South) that his mom is a bit kooky.

You see the will to the inheritance is a bit off. If John dies before his mother, Louise isn't seeing dime one. And with that bit of cryptic, the dude drops dead of a heart attack. Tragic irony or poetic justice? You be the judge. Louise quick on her feet, dumps John's body overboard and claims he is on a business trip. She goes so far is to type up a letter as she is off to the country to ingratiate herself to her mother-in-law in the will.

Not sure how long your dead husband can be out of town so at best she's got about a week, two max. No sooner Louise arrives at this castle (yeah, loaded), she witnesses Lady Haloran and son Billy (Bart Patton of Thriller, Tales of Wells Fargo, Checkmate, Zotz!,Petticoat Junction and The Farmer's Daughter) and Richard (William Campbell of Garrison's Gorillas, Star Trek, Bonanza, It Takes a Thief, Bracken's World, Ironside, The Rookies and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) engaging in some sort of ritual.

This isn't a romantic boat ride, John.

So Momma Haloran (Eithne Dunne of Omnibus, Playhouse 90, She Didn't Say No!, Shake Hands with the Devil and The Mutations) is how should we say, a bit different. A little off tilt, perhaps? Ah, the hell with it. She's crackers. She insists on the anniversary of her young daughter, Kathleen's death to visit the very pond she drown in as a child and tries to communicate with her.

Attempting to cash in on Lady Haloran's superstition as well as her fragile mental state, Louise hatches a scheme to con Lady Haloran that Kathleen is attempting to communicate beyond the grave. She sneaks out in the night with an armful of the dead child's toys playing them around the mass estate's pond as if they floated up under spooky circumstances. Louise is a bitch in case you missed that.

As this scheme is looking good, Louise accidentally swims next to Kathleen's somehow preserved body. I mean the kid looks pristine. Not sure if that is meant to be scarier or no one wanted to spring for a fake child sized skeleton.

Panicked, Louise surfaces and makes it to shore, only to be attacked with an ax by an unknown assailant who drags her body away in true Jason Vorhees style. Now that was creepy. are always that sudden or was that an off night?

Concerned for Lady Haloran's well-being, family doctor Caleb (Patrick Magee of Zulu, Lady Ice, The Last Days of Man on Earth, Luther, Simona, King Lear, Galileo and Barry Lyndon) is convinced that Louise's sudden disappearance is a mystery to be solved. He proceeds to hound the family in this Poirot fashion to almost an crazed manner.

Meanwhile a poacher snuck on the estate for some easy prey, becomes that of which he sought by the hand of the killer, or rather his ax.

Dr. Caleb convinced that one of the brothers is committing these murders even offers hypnosis as a means to see if on a subconscious level if one of them is the killer.

Is the Haloran family all bread baskets? Should someone alert the constables? How bad must John's body rotted in the lake?

So what we have here is a thriller/slasher film pre-dates any techno-colored or colored film from the 70s and 80s. With moody atmosphere, a good pace, this gorgeous estate as our background and a score providing the right tone to give off a Gothic horror. From a technical aspect, this whole film was shot in 9 days and from its tight editing, you would swear at least a month's work was in the can and not under two weeks.

Filmed in 35mm Spherical, sound in mono the angles of some of these shots, especially the night shots were very similar to Coppola's later Dracula film in style and presentation. Its normal runtime for the flick in 75 minutes but also there is an 80 minute version with a prologue.

Produced by the nose for talent and the master of frugal, Roger Corman also has a hand in adding additional scenes to ratchet up the tension. That in mind, Coppola and Corman argued over whether or not the film could be released in its current state and called in exploitation director Jack Hill (The Big Bird Cage, Black Momma White Momma, Coffy and Foxy Brown) to film those additional sequences.

With an estimated budget of $42,000, Coppola writes a screenplay considered by many harsher critics than I as a Psycho rip-off but I feel it has its own style with Gothic horror, brutal murders and keeps the audience guessing what is coming for you next.

Worst Sunday brunch ever.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sneak Peek Preview: Nemesis 5: The New Model

Well ladies and germs I have a treat for you today as I just got the sneak peek at the latest Dustin Ferguson movie. No, stop saying who. Dustin (Doll Killer, Die Sister, Die!, Gloved Murderess, Cheerleader Camp: To the Death and Invitation to Die) gets to finally stretch his limbs into the genre of Sci-Fi as he told me in our phone interview last year, it has been something he had been dreaming of and finally given the reins to do just that. This is Nemesis 5: The New Model.

He clearly admires a girl of that caliber. Gun humor.

Continuing the very series director Albert Pyun (Cyborg, Deceit, Brain Smasher...A Love Story, Spitfire, Heatseeker, Raven Hawk, Mean Guns, Postmortem) built but never quite finished to many fans dismay, Ferguson is on the case. We open with a tasteful text crawl in space, filling in the blanks for some of the fans of the series as it has been a bit since we tapped into the cyber saga.

Cut to a harsh desert teeming with life under what sounds like Rob Robinson's composition on synthesizer (Meathook Massacre II, Tales From the Grave and Nemesis 5: The New Model) and bringing scope and depth already so I was completely stoked for this.

Reprising her famous Alex role is Sue Price of Nemesis II: Nebula, Nemesis III: Prey Harder and Nemesis 4: Death Angel is back again fighting for humanity. A dilapidated building stages a firefight between her and a fully converted cyborg as a young girl watches on in curiosity, not horror.

 The year is 2089, Alex strolling through the wastelands defeating cyborgs in gunfights and hand-to-hand combat. L.A.P.D.and the Red Army Hammerheads went to war, claiming to be humanity's savor and neither able to stop the apocalypse.

Yes, the writer is checking out Sue Price's legs. What of it?

Time and wounds have taken their toll on her as she has fought the cyborgs for so long that even this DNA mutant warrior of past and future must prepare for the next adventure and pass the torch to a new generation.

With her biotech engineering and cybernetic upgrades Alex learned to be a ruthless killing machine but in return lost much of her potential humanity.  Alex raises the abandoned little girl and trains her to be vicious, intelligent, cunning yet focused on her goals.   The only way for the end to not come is to send Ari (Schuylar Craig of Blood Claws, Camp Blood 4, Blood Model and The Amityville Legacy) back to 2077 in order to stop the actions of the L.A.P.D.and the Red Army Hammerheads before it is too late. Unlike Alex, Ari is 100% human with no augmentations to assist her.

Good to see some regulars of the Ferguson stable getting some meat and potatoes roles.

Jennii Caroline (Escape to Black Tree Forest, Black Forest III, Doll Killer, Die Sister, Die!, Gloved Murderess, Camp Blood 4 and Meathook Massacre II) appears as a Red Army Hammerhead controller using the cyborgs to capture data for spin stories.   Edwin Garica (Meathook Massacre II, PHOBIA, Stuck and Stacked) as a resistance fighter,  Mark Popejoy (Die Sister, Die!, Gloved Murderess, Poet, Flat Waters Terror Volume 1 and Amityville Legacy) as Doom, transportation entrepreneur and Daniel Stier (Tales for the Campfire, Night of the Clown, Meathook Massacre II and Nemesis 5: The New Model) also a resistance fighter.

Those Black Friday sales are out of control!

Feeling as though the human and cyborg resistance fighters could actually succeed at their mission, it is believed that a Nebula enforcer combat model needs to chase Ari and her crew down and turn them in to meat sauce.

Some nice throwbacks and nods to the second film, we have the giggling blond assassin units again, strifing the place with laser bolts rather than the Desert Eagles of 1980 played by Breana Mitchell (Cheerleader Camp:To Death, Die Sister, Die!, Invitation to Die, Meathook Massacre, Blood Claws, Camp Blood 5 and Amityville Legacy) and Lia Havlena (Wrong Side of the Tracks and Nemesis 5: The New Model).

What really grips your attention is the amazing vocals of actress/vocalist Daiane Azura (Prison of Psychotic Damed: Terminal Remix, Paranoia and Nemesis 5: The New Model) of Pandora Black. A mixture of techno, pop and astounding v/o stylings, this blend of unique tracks and singing keeps up with the pace of the film.

Cinematography is unbearably awesome, some great zooms via drone cam, good hand held and the filters bring some real life into the regions, great cut scenes for editing pushes a compelling story.

Let's talk about our star, Schuylar Craig as clearly she has had some strength training, martial arts and even some stunt work. She got put through the paces and good for her, getting something this intense as a major project.

Hey wait a minute, what about our main villains? Barbie and the Hammerhead leader Mel?

Hey that's the lovely Dawna Lee Heising (Blade Runner, Kung Fu: The Movie, Forbidden Warrior, Waiting for Dracula, Legend of the Red Reaper, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance and Meathook Massacre II) and hard working character actor Mel Novak (Game of Death, Cat in the Cage, An Eye for an Eye, Future War, Vampire Assassin, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, Check Point and Holy Terror)!

Clocking in at a 71 minutes, this bigger budgeted Ferguson film rocks. Post-production laser effects, excellent filtering, an amazing musical score and everyone busting ass bringing their all to this movie. A cyberpunk post-apocalypse that brings older fans back to the series and newer fans to dive right in.  A good blend of old and new.

Nice to see Dustin tackling a genre he has been a fan of for so long. 

Wind mill of death kick!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Sister Street Fighter

And we are back ladies and gents. More Sonny Chiba coming at you in technocolor from the looks of it and recorded in mono from its mere sound. Well we are still with the Street Fighter series but shying away from Sonny's character Terry. What? But how can this be still Street Fighter without that key ingredient? Well relax your sphincters, folks and realize the wonders of....ALTERNATIVE TITLES!!!

Yes you knew that is always a possibility on this site that an alternative title chosen by foreign distribution is never far from my writing.I kid.  It appears to simply be a spin-off of the series.   Instead of the focus being around Sonny, a new challenger approaches!! Sue Shiomi takes the reins and boy it is going to be a helluva ride.
This is Sister Street Fighter.

Brown eyed bad ass.

Once again Toei Production brings another hard hitting, gory film of martial arts and yes I am watching the 86 minutes of uncut graphic violence that landed them yet another X rating. Yes this would hit NC-17 rating but we don't seem to have any directors up for this kind of violence anymore.

Kempo expert Lee Long (Hiroshi Miayauchi of Ramen Rider, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, The War in Space, Supaidāman (1978-1979 Japanese Spider Man series), Renegade Ninjas and Kita no hotaru) is an undercover cop trying to find his way into the drug trafficking heroin ring from Japan to Hong Kong when he gets outed as a cop and taken away for questioning. Could have used those Escrima sticks that Kempo develops the fighting style with but hey I am not one to tell you how to run your undercover ID.

Mr. Miyagi is not amused.

The dummy corporation known as Central Export is under investigation attempting to link the heroin smuggling but no luck thus far, the Tokyo Police call in Tina Long (Sue Shiomi of Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon, Karate Bear Fighter, Message from Space, Shogun's Ninja, Fall Guy, Moon Mask Rider and The Shadow Army 3), petite and demure girl with the cutest dimples and some of the most nasty martial arts moves I have seen in a while. Wailing the monkey crap out of anyone laying hands on her, she is also experienced in thrown weapons, sais, nunkuku and improvised weapons.

As the assignment has gotten deadly, Tina reaches out to a Karate master for aid as the gangs are a bit more than one woman can handle. Personally I think they are outclassed but that's my take.

Pity that man.  He'll probably limp to the end of his days.

After an extensive fight with these leopard leotard clad hunnies flogging men and no this isn't some perverted thing I added (the film did that) a Kempo/Karate student teacher Sonny (yes Sonny Chiba) joins in the fray and goes sick house on these punks.

The members of the Yakuza feeling their heroin is in jeopardy hire the illusive Hammerhead and his mercenaries to deal with the “bitch”. Hope they're insured.

Will Tina and Sonny rescue Lee? Can the drug ring be smashed? Will Commissioner Gordon and Chief O' Hara still be baffled about these crimes?

This is a typical relative is in trouble/danger/captured and has to be rescued. That now known, holy crap Shiomi is downright terrifying. Snap and crane kicks to the likes of Chun Li of Street Fighter in the games. Sonny doesn't steal the show but will eclipse a few scenes. At the end of the day this is the Street Fighter film I recommend for many ages...of course there is extreme violence so again the kids probably shouldn't be watching.

Round kick of Doom!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Return of the Street Fighter

Howdy folk.  Need to apologize, the migraine fairy came to visit and short changed me any time at all to write.   That being said we move back to Sonny Chiba in the Street Fighter series again.  Yup, Terry Tsurguri is back in action, kicking ass and taking names again.   This time around, Terry has another interaction with the Yakuza and the fists go flying.  This is Return of the Street Fighter.

Are you calling me, pretty?

Sonny is back as Terry but we do not have that typical sequel that is bridging multiple added characters that are linked to the previous characters of the original.  In fact,  I think Terry is the only reprising character at all so that's one bullet dodged.  The story is a bit more simplistic as Terry looks into whether or not a charity cause is being looted from the Yakuza. 

With the police almost as corrupt as the Yakuza, Terry seems to be fighting both but concentrates his efforts on the Yakuza primarily.    There are several flashbacks from the original but unlike something like the Hills Have Eyes 2 were it felt like filler, these seem to either haunt Terry or are plaguing his mind at the time.  I mean you rip a guy's wang off in a fight, it should stay with you.   Oh sorry, was that spoilers from The Street Fighter??  Walk it off!!

Ryu wins!

I guess to compromise the previous flick's graphic violence, we get some nudity so yes titties for all and all a good night.   To be honest, nudity was a welcome exchange versus genitals getting ripped off.   Even with toning down the violence levels, this film was still rated X (NO NC-17 yet) and no one knew how to quantify the flicks' genre or sub-genre.

Again martial arts master is doing dirty deeds for the mob and offering up a series of ass whippings to anyone in his way.   The action is substantial, the voice dubbing is...okay it is really over the top most of the time and the scoring of the soundtrack is very 70s and rocking along.   Just watch it with subtitles.  Taking in all that, Terry seems a bit more tongue and cheek, almost a sense of humor since he murdered those men with his bare hands.   No clue if they were trying for less of an X rating or if they wanted to showcase that Chiba could take himself lightly.

Snow levels are always difficult.

Once again Toei Production put out some guerilla filming (gonzo or grindhouse) about taboo concepts and concerns with this film than most of their subgenre films.  We have Manga live action films, cop dramas, cartoons for children, sukeban (troubled teenage girl) women in prison films, Anime, thrillers, horror and even some comedy.

It kind of reminds me how many of the Paramount hated the Friday the 13th films and the money it and its sequels made them.  Maybe it is that way with Toei and the Street Fighter series.   I noticed New Line Cinema didn't mind the revenue.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Golgo 13: Assigment Kowloon

And we're back again.  Yeah two in a row, it must be confusing as hell.   Hello ladies and gents.   I will be pushing more Sonny Chiba on you and you're gonna take it.   Yeah that may have sounded a lot more filthy than intended.  Today's film is based on a Manga which has existed from creator Takao Saito of Big Comic since 1968.  This film is oddly enough the sequel to its predecessor that came out in 1973.   This is Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon.

The post office is gonna pay.

The previous movie had actor Ken Takakura of Manhunt, The Yellow Hankerchief, The Yakuza, Black Rain, Mr. Baseball, 47 Ronin and The Firefly as lead character Golgo 13/ Duke Togo.   This time we have Sonny Chiba, who honestly resembles the Manga character more so.  You'd swear they modeled Duke after Chiba.  Solid muscle yet lean build, piercing eyes and mirrored aviator's glasses.

Once again a Toei Production as so many drama and science fiction films in Japan, our hired killer is hired by an American mob to bump off Chou Lei Fang (Nick Lam Wai Kei of Dangerous Encounters, The Amazing Spider-Man, Stoner, Twisted Love and Mercenaries) , a key member of the same mob via Hong Kong branch. 

And what can you bring to this firm?

Concerned how public this assignment must be, Togo cases the location, checks wind and exit locations but notices a capable detective Smith (Lun Chia of Cold Blooded Murder, Qi wu shi, Killer Rose, The Lost Generation and Magnum Thunderbolt) trying to get Chou on drug trafficking charges.   He sent in his aid Lin Li (Etsuko Shiomi of Fall Guy, Moon Mask Rider, Kabamaru the Ninja, Legend of Eight Samurai, The Audition, Shadow Warriors IV and Cabaret)to infiltrate the drug trade but she is captured by Chou's men after she was wailing the monkey crap out of his men. 

Chou and Smith both are aware of the arrival of Golgo 13.   For Smith, Golgo 13 sniped a foreign diplomat he was protecting.  Trying to get his chief to arrest Chou for his own protection, the chief reluctantly agrees after Chou's presentation... the presentation that he is scheduled to most likely get shot at.  Derp!  Togo in position to take the shot but a white girl pops Chou before him and Togo knows now he's the fall guy.   He hightails it out, chucking his weapons and disappears.

Go Speed Racer GoooOOoo!!!

Chou's widow Leika (Dana of Infra-Man, Bruce Li in New Guinea, The Bamboo House, Miao Jie nu q and Wan Zai si tiao nu) clearly heartbroken over the death of her husband does the humpty dance with Togo as part of the grieving stage no doubt.  Duke "pumps" her for information ending that "interrogation" with a gun fight.

Can Golgo 13 find out who screwed him over?  How many more bodies ending up on the slab?

When you think about it, this is one of the first comic book movie with an R rating.  Suck it Deadpool!   

Rounding off at 83 minutes, mild nudity and a fair degree of gun and hand-to-hand violence, it's an impressive story, Chiba is a bad ass who even gets off one of those bullet through the telescope shots.  I had fun with this.  Hell the whole point of watching this flick is the the wharf fight scene alone.  Six toughs attempt to gut Togo and have to see it to believe it.

Pushy waiter!  No tip!