Monday, June 10, 2013

N64 Week: Star Fox N64

 Today we start off N64 Week right with a fun filled game full of dangerous forces, high stakes and the difficulties of aerial dog fights.  So just in your way back machines, call up 3 friends to join you and make sure your hands doesn’t get too sweaty.  This is Star Fox N64

I think my tights are binding.

Spoiler:  Do a barrel roll!

Back in 1997, 3 years after its Super NES predecessor Star Fox 64 was the first game to implement the rumble pack to simulate combat damage from impacts from energy weapons to careless flying bashing into buildings or the ground.  The improvements did not stop there.  Sample of voice over was used for each character bringing a bit more life into the game from its 8 megabyte humble beginnings. The returning characters from Star Fox assist you (Fox McCloud) as your wingmen.  Peppy (the rabbit) is a mentor and offers you tips and hints throughout each level. Slippy (the frog) analyzes shields of each main boss and keeps track of their life as you fly in, disable and destroy them.  Falco (the bird) offers you different and quicker routes to the more difficult levels.  As team leader of the Fox squadron you must look out for one another.  The longer it takes to get an enemy off one of your squad, the more it is for to repair their ship.  Simple, right?  You are sent to fight the forces of Andross, who has a stranglehold on the galaxy and is personally responsible for the death of your father.

Slippy, deodorant. Look it up.

Multi-player option
Okay now the main reason this game is still beloved is the 4 person multi-player option.  Going head to head or playing for points.  You and three of your friends take each other out in a series of aerial dogfights. For the life of me I have no idea why the game was not set up for you and your friends to go through missions together but hey who needs them? 

Now we will get to the mean and evil portion of the multi-player aspect. Dual lasers and a bomb will be available on all head to head levels.  Weapons lock is possible if you hold down the laser button and it charges a more concentrated burst of fire, however this is a one shot deal.  You will need to follow it up with a series of smaller bursts.  Using your radar is key for many reasons.  It allows you to know where you are, where your opposition is and how close are that to the target, i.e. you.

Hints for multi-player play

Now there are cheats and tips all over the net for this game still, I just thought a few little surprises would assist you in better pissing off your friends.  With weapons lock you also have the ability to fire a bomb at them instead of lasers.  This act of heinous evil is best performed from stalking them down, using the boost lightly to catch them in your sights and fire.  Immediately after the bomb has been released, U-turn the hell away or you will get caught in the blast zone.  There is nothing more sad then dying at the hands of your own ambush.

Alright, now you are being chased and hunted down.  Your friend sneaked off and picked up the bomb after it was used on him. So in a blatant attack he or she will repeat that which was done to him or her.  How to avoid this heinous attack you ask?  Hmm?  I can’t hear you maggot!!!  Okay since you asked so nicely the somersault option is very wise but it cannot be timed as well as a U-turn.  Gets you out in plenty of time and leaves you free to explore for the newly formed bomb.  As for a strictly laser based aerial attack, your opponents will waste countless rounds trying to eliminate you and commonly yet another cowardly attack from behind.   

A somersault is your best friend and allows you to get the drop on them but you need a twist on this idea.  As you somersault, hit the brake button to drop directly behind them, weapons lock and fire!  Congrats.  You just turned the tide in this fight and made them mad as hell.   If you cannot manage this maneuver, a series of barrel rolls will confuse their aim but this is no guarantee to keep from getting hit.  Head on attacks are fun for anyone that enjoys a good game of chicken. Weapons lock is a bit more difficult so keep your hand steady.  In my last GoldenEye review I mentioned ez grip bat tape for your controllers.  Use it and love it.  No matter how sweaty your hands get you can keep a firm grip….on your controller.  Staring down the barrels of your adversary is dangerous to your Arwing but hell it is fun.  Why not engage a series of bursts at him or her?  Spank them with a weapons lock (if you can get one) or break off with a u-turn when they least suspect it?  If you don’t have enough friends you can head to head against a friend and one or two computer players and frankly they are too easy to beat it is sad.  They always go for a back attack so get that somersault handy and strife the hell out of their ships.