Monday, January 12, 2015

The Puppet Master Week

Okay, before we begin the week of terror (for my brain) I would like to take this time to point out some amusing notions for it.  Initially, I bought Puppet Master and all its sequels for this week and days later I became a proud member of Amazon Prime.   Thanks again Mom for that gift.  Will make movie and TV reviews a whole lot easier.  So rather than purchase this collection, I could have easily viewed it on Amazon Prime, but hey no one can predict events well so I have 9, yes I said 9 movies of which, the first 5 will be viewed and only if I feel like punishing my psyche will I watch the other 4 remaining.

Hey little lady, the safety word is pumpkin.

Full Moon Entertainment was one of those production companies in the latter 80's, early 90's that did their level best to give Horror B-Movies a place in the cinema world.  Regardless of the budget, talent or screenplays, each film that was immortalized on film stock was deemed worthy of the backing.  From the quadrilogy known as Subspecies to the bizarre Sci-fi collective of Trancers, Full Moon Entertainment has given each film from camp to creepy its due so why not focus on one of their most productive cash cow productions.  Writer/producer Charles Band cut his teeth under the first film and it found an audience in no time thanks to the VHS (Video Home System for you younger readers) generation in rentals and purchases.  Admittedly the potential of a stinkball movie is going to happen with titles like: Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000, Castle Freak, Dragonworld and Blonde Heaven but in spite of that, you can find some gems among the films.  

And while most of the horror genre via Full Moon has a fair degree of nudity and gore.... Puppet Master is no exception.  Yeah you thought I had some positive comments about it, didn't you?   Truth of the matter, the films are professionally done, the musical score has a nice eerie feel to it and you will find that the actors are quite competent but... killer dolls may need a new spin.   Will these movies be a complete waste of time or will we be entertained?

Tune in and find out!!!   Just remember I am the one that has to watch this and then put an objective review on my findings.  Not always easy.

Steal my name will you, Snipes?  I don't think so.