Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Puppet Master Continues: Puppet Master: The Legacy

Welcome back one and all for Day 3 of The Puppet Master Continues. When last we left our monstrous moppets, they were flashing back to a simpler time when they were first brought into existence and Sutekh's people were rampant over Cairo. This time around we move into modern era with a "rogue" agent searching for Toulon's puppets and secrets and she will not be detoured. This is Puppet Master: The Legacy.

Jeez, another old guy. Why don't babes ever answer our Craigslist post?

Maclain (Kate Orsini of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Gargoyle, Rail Kings, Welcome to Earth and The Nurse) has tracked and scoured the Earth looking for the secrets of Toulon back to the Bodega Bay hotel where Toulon offed himself waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the first film... and was resurrected for the second and them we are at a lost from there on. Reading through his diary and getting a narrative of earlier accounts the diary catches fire and Maclain will have to seek her answers elsewhere. She found a older gentleman now of Eric Weiss (Jacob Witkin of Ekkusu bonba, Superboy, Swamp Thing, Showgirls, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II- Jedi Outcast, Dr. Moreau's House of Pain and Phantom) formally Peter Hertz, the boy Toulon saved from the Nazis in World War II. Present day, Peter has finally found out whatever happened to his friend after years of being out of contact with each other.

Yul Brynner??!!!

Eric has been going through Toulon's notes in order to make sense of the alchemy and strange chemical formula when he is held at gunpoint by Maclain and she demands the secrets so we go through an extensive flashback re-telling with... archived footage? That's right folks, we are getting Toulon's vacation slides and a narrative from Eric. Interspersed with previous footage I saw maybe a half hour of new material but otherwise the rest is from the previous flicks. Maclain goes on to further establish before she arrived at the hotel she tracked Dr. Rick Meyers of Puppet Master 4 and Puppet Master the Final Chapter down and stipulated she wanted Toulon's diary. When she didn't get it by means that were not evil she apparently shot Meyers and his friends to lay hands on the diary.

Eric remains calm for the most part, waiting for a chance to strike. Knowing full well that the puppets remember him and will protect him at Toulon's last wishes and thoughts are being played out on a recorder. The recordings always speak of someone else discovering the secrets and not knowing fully what the formula can be. Soul transference is the name of the game kiddies. Toulon has been dropping souls into his deadly dolls for ages and each new puppet master has been doing the same. Are they now legion? Where are these other dolls? What is their end game?

A few comments of the film now. This is the first Puppet Master film directed by the franchise creator Charles Band. The acting in this movie between Orsini and Witkin isn't bad. The film really tries to fill in the massive amounts of gaping plot holes left by the series but let's face it, those holes are as wide as chasms by now. The pretentious need to have everything tie together by this time does not quite meet up with fans' expectations by this point. Vainglorious endeavors aside, the effort should be acknowledged in spite of the lack of real story telling. If you are an avid fan of the series then by all means, partake in the movie. Otherwise, you can easily skip it. This moving picture doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know but plays up a bit of suspense.

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