Monday, May 18, 2015

The Puppet Master Continues!!!

Welcome back friends, family and film freaks. Well it has been a bit since I took a peek into what truly got me started into reviewing films. More than a few years back, I got relegated into reviewing the genre of Horror. Not because I have a natural aptitude to gore, violence, crappy story lines, one-dimensional characters and poorly timed jump scares. Apparently being a guy was the deciding factor. 

Told you we'd get that dope to review the rest of the flicks.

Thankfully for my editor, I didn't run away screaming like a B-movie extra from the babysitter slayer but some days it really made me a tad bitter. That all being said, I have actually been introduced to some clever and well-written fright flicks so I suppose I can muster through the memories of 374 zombie movies and suck it up. Seriously, the comments and compliments I have gotten over the last 3 years has been good. So keep churning those out!

Previously, I reviewed the first five Puppetmaster films, a franchise created by Charles Band, writer and producer of Full Moon Pictures. With the Subspecies franchise and Puppetmaster it didn't matter that this company made Doll Man or Demonic Toys. Our little marionettes of mirth and mayhem are back to cause mischief and murder for those that dare seek to harm their master and who knows... maybe there will be additions to the flock.

For those of you that are still reading this, I declare The Puppet Master Continues.  Be afraid... Be very afraid I don't start laughing.

Blade: a cut above the rest.