Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Superhero Week: The Secrets of Isis

Hiya kiddies I am back for day 3 of Superhero Week and man ‘o man this one is a bit of a doozy.  You may have thought Wonder Woman was tough but what about a woman that controls elements, the animals, superhuman strength and even the air.  All that action packed notion in an outfit reserved for cosplayers or possibly fantasy wheedling and begging for a boyfriend.  So grab your ankh, try to follow the Egyptian hieroglyphs and legends.   This is Isis.

Power divine from the Goddess or is it Maybelline?

Oh mighty spoilers come forth!!!!

Prior to the awesome might of the Amazon princess Wonder Woman as well as to the cybernetic powers of the Bionic Woman, There was Isis!   A woman imbued with awesome powers from the goddess that was the protector of the death and goddess of children.  The daughter of Geb the god of the Earth and Nut, goddess of the Sky, this protector sought an avatar of her mighty powers and an amulet was given to Hatshepsut the first female pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty in Egypt.   Centuries later on a archeological dig, school teacher Andrea Thomas (JoAnna Cameron of How to Commit Marriage, Pretty Maids All in a Row, A Time for Love, Night Games, High Risk and The Amazing Spider-Man)  digs deep of the ruins of ancient Egypt a.k.a. Chatsworth California.  Back when there were more desert and less X Games enthusiasts and pornography to uncover the very same amulet that Lady Hatshepsut had and deemed worthy by Isis, is given those same fantastic magical powers as was previously mentioned to stop evil in its tracks.  
Guess Cindy Lou was taken by the Woos.

But hold up funsters, what is a superheroine without a gaggle of zany sidekicks.  Just ask Wonder Woman and Buffy on this one.  A trio of her own students that somehow cannot recognize their hot teacher minus glasses and in a flowing one piece and mini skirt dubbed themselves the Super Sleuths.   Too much Scooby Doo, pot and mushrooms I am guessing for this teen gang and predictably they follow the Jimmy Olson School of hard knocks and they are constantly tied up, slapped around and held at gun point.  Yeah this eager beaver go getters cannot solve the mystery of why Andrea and Isis are never arriving and leaving at the same time so clearly they are my choice of Mousketeers.   Isis was constantly rescuing several of her own high school students because I think they were born with ransom notes or possibly humanoid lemmings.
Blue screened and ready for action.

Few facts of the show would help some of the readers now.  This was part of a companion show known as Shazam!  For that a few crossover episodes occurred between the two series in order to validate them both I believe given as they were not widely known comic book characters to say the likes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.    One thing about this show which became a running gag is Andrea/Isis was constantly breaking the fourth wall to give a poignant speech to the viewers at home or to impart the lesson of the day from all this action that could have been easily avoided if they only used their heads instead of just winging it.  For you younger viewers, think of GI Joe knowing is half the battle cliché.    Mind you while this heroine is dressed a bit like the corner prostitute for cosplayers she had an almost unlimited amount of powers such as: Flight, Superhuman strength, complete control of her molecular density (She could phase through walls) gravitation field manipulation and even stop and reverse the flow of time.  Some telepathic communication with her pet bird Tut as well but hey not exactly sure that is deemed a big super power *coughs Falcon* but apparently she had that is Andrea form.  Was it really a blow for feminism?  As a whole, yeah because you have a woman with more powers than Superman slaps around baddies but the mercy to curb them getting out of hand. 

I don’t think it spoke too highly of women empowerment but I think that comes from the sexist tiny outfit they gave her so that is probably my only real hang up.  At the end of the day I still think I could sit through these episodes fairly well.