Monday, April 15, 2013

Doctor Who Week!

Go around me then!

Bilbo Baggins! I have need of thee!!

My God, what a horrendous haircut she chose.

Good day ladies and gents.  Thought we could use a break from film genre and go right into some good old fashioned Science Fiction.  Oh don't worry we will not be seeing the likes of Lloyd Bridges nor Burt I Gordon or heaven forfend Roger Corman.  No I thought we would look at the humble beginnings of the UK's greatest sci-fi triumph, The Doctor.  So this week I will be filling some of the younger readers in on this phenomenal character and his many lives and our mature readers can reminisce over days of yesteryear.  So grab some decent running shoes, beware of rock quarries and for God's sake get the time spacial coordinates set.  It is time for Doctor Who!

Oh dear, I seem to forgotten my next line.

Yes Brigadier that is very common for a man your age.