Monday, April 8, 2013

Film Noir Week

Alright you cat and kittens, perk yer ears to the sky or I am liberal to write youse a message with my Chicago typewriter, see?

Line please.

We will be taking in the sights of some of the most impressive pieces of Film Noir and so long no one's got a beef about it we'll have a ball.  Film Noir is described as a dark and bleak look on American crimes and detective films.  The gig is like so; a backdrop of mistrust, paranoia and loss of innocence.  Primarily these film were created during WWII to show the exploits of underworld figures taking advantage of the cops being skeleton crews whilst they dabbled in their future enterprising endeavors.  Bootlegging, racketeering and protection scams was not uncommon.

 The hard boiled detective was a popular theme as was either a cop that bent the rules to win the day or a private dick that had no problem about handling things his own way.  The Femme Fatale was popular in this genre as she was commonly a woman of striking beauty and a corrupt mind willing to put some hapless dope into harm's way to get her own end.  Lazy or rotten politicians would find policemen of their same ilk and keep investigations quick and easy without ruffling feathers.

So let's clip this clam bake into high gear already.

Why I ougtta..