Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blade: The Series

Hiyas folks.  Back again and I sense you missed me.  I'm touched.  So we looked at current running series and today I thought I would feast my eyes on a series that was and could have been so much more.  Yes one of my favorites, the cancelled shows.  Truthfully I should have included it in the Season 1 week but alas I goofed.  So here it is, a brain child of David Goyer.  This is Blade: The Series.

Hell yes I am mugging for the camera.


 Based on writer Marv Wolfman's creation as far back as Tomb of Dracula comics , Blade has had three theatrical releases, a series of comics, an anime and finally a live-action TV adaptation.  But who could attempt to fill the shoes of Wesley Snipes' portrayal?  None other than rap star/actor Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones (Clockers, Next Friday, Flight of the Phoenix, House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim, Over There, The Shield, Speed Demons and Blue Bloods) stalking the undead hiding in plain sight with their legion of vampires of pure blood and turned and their many human followers or familiars.  After the film Blade Trinity we see Blade NOT assisted by the Night Stalkers and apparently the virus Daystar did not wipe out all the vampires...just those lot in that particular town it would appear.   Of course that is never explained and this particular plot hole or plot chasm is brought us by David Goyer, writer of all three Blade films so, kudos there.  

No comrade, I cannot get that quality trenchcoat in Russia.

Assisting in his crusade against the vampires is his new weapon specialist, tech guru and resident smart ass Shen (Nelson Lee of The Warriors (video game), Cold Play, Ring of Death, Vacancy 2: The First Cut, About Cherry and I'm the Same) in which they rely on tech, street contacts and even an inside man until... lead vampire Marcus Van Sciver (Neil Jackson of Alexander, Quantum of Solace, Push, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Lightfields and House of Secrets) was trying to find out what the young man's end game was only to find that his loyalty is to Blade and has him killed looking like a drug addict getting off and case closed.  Of course you need a cop handling the case in your pocket and Detective Boone (Billy Mondy of The Dead Zone, I Spy, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Case 39, EDGE of War, Johnny Test and Supernoobs) fits the bill.  From his habits, easily swayed by money and the promise of being made of a vampire keeps him in check for the most part.  

Sadden by the news, Ma and her brother believe that boy Zack was a kid caught up in mischief but sister/Iraq war hero Krista (Jill Wagner of Shifted, Blade: The Series, Stargate: Atlantis, Splinter, Teen Wolf and Autumn Dreams) thinks otherwise and decides the cops aren't doing anything with her brother's death, plots to poke around and find out what bumps in the night.    She encounters Blade as well as several vampires when Blade tells her that her brother was working with him to bring down the House of Chthlon, a vampire designated clan or scourge.

When the two join forces, Krista is thrust into a world of darkness she had no idea existed and still uncertain where to go from here.   Will the House of Chthlon be brought crumbling down brick by brick?  Can Blade put the hurt on the lot of them?   Will the vampires finally bring down the daywalker that has haunted their nightmares so?


Well folks the skinny is due to the antiquated notion of Neilsen ratings, this show fell on its ass.  No fault to the writing, production and introduction to lesser known characters in Blade's world.   Showtime was developing a story arc that would have encompassed several characters of the existing title when Blade: Trinity was in post production but due to the lawsuit against New Line Cinema at the behest of Wesley Snipes, Showtime walked away.   The project was picked up later but Snipes declined to reprise his movie character.

So 12 episodes of plenty of sub stories, main plot and drive which ends on a cliff hanger that was never answered but many a fan speculated at.  So if you want to see the day walker hand out some ass wipings, break some bones and dust some vamps, you are in luck.   If you want to see how all these loose threads tie together...well you are boned.

The shades and the coat.  Gimme. Chop chop.