Monday, April 18, 2016

Missing in Anime: Hellsing

Well hello all and welcome to the beginning of the week. I noted I haven't had much anime in some time. Worry not. Already had the 50 lashes implemented. This time around I knew we have a series that paramilitary units dealing with legions of the undead under the Hellsing Organization, yes after the infamous doctor/vampire hunter. With that in mind, there always needs to be an ace up one's sleeve. This is Hellsing.

Best dressed psycho 50 years running.

Based on Kouta Hirano's manga (Angel Dust, Crossfire, Drifters, Deep, Gun Mania, Magic School and The Legends of Vampire Hunter) our series was first broadcast via Fuji TV in 2001 and 2002 then later released in the US in 2003 and finished 13 episodes long. The head of the Hellsing family, a noblewoman Sir Integra Hellsion inherited her position when her father died while she was thirteen. With links of MI5, the royals and even the Catholic Church, Hellsing is aware of too many things of politics and evils.

A competing organization known as the The Iscariot Organization (named after the apostle Judas Iscariot) does not view the Hellsing Organization a valid calling given they are Protestant faith and have been known to associate with vampires willing to stave off their own execution by assisting in taking out their own brethren are natural rivals. Their goals similar courses and even worked together depending on the case by case standing but this wing of the Vatican is charged with the pursuit and elimination of all that is deemed unholy and unnatural... start with the pedophiles there, fellas.

Rat race even catches up with the monsters.

A true trump card of Hellsing's is Alucard, an ancient vampire that Integra has at her disposal as well as a former member the the D11 elite police response unit, Seras Victoria, a fledgling vampire who is subordinate to Alucard. Armed with mystical powers, vampiric abilities and a .50 caliber semiautomatic and even a .454 semiautomatic (twice the stopping power of a .44), our vampire dons a garish red suit, white gloves, shades and inverness coat. With his wicked and sadistic nature he slaughters vampires and other such supernatural creatures for his amusements, bidding his time and living it up. Seras Victoria struggles with losing her humanity, the distain D-11 has for her and her new life as a vampire.

What appeared to be utter chaos actually starts show signs of slight of hand if you will, a power behind the power keeping the D-11, Helling and Iscariot organizations busy busy so evil can make a subtle move about. Can anything be done about it? What is the ancient evil? Will good prevail?

A darker organization known as Millennium has ties to the Nazi party creating vampires through artificial means, airships and advanced firearms. Before the final days of the war, Hitler created order 666 (yup insert Iron Maiden jokes) putting funds and research into supernatural for military purposes.

With all these watchdog enforcement or administrations, it makes you wonder who do these watchmen report to? A gothic tale with modern and classic views on monsters and how humanity can fight against it.

Ah...this could go better.