Monday, April 18, 2016

Butt Hurt Hollywood.

So folks are extremely butt hurt over Ghost in the Shell being our lead character of Motoko is going to Scarlett Johansson and I sympathize. Nothing against the actress in general. But she already is playing this uber badass character through Black Widow. Hey Marvel, where's the solo Black Widow movie? Maybe a pair-up with Hawkeye and Black Widow and two solo films there. Scarlett's body of work has managed drama, superhero flicks, romantic comedies and even some sci-fi films. Quite few points on Johansson, she is all of 5'3" does a great degree of her own stunts and has the star power to pull off Major Kusanagi.

Do I really look like the Black Widow?

That being said, taking Japan out of a Japanese product seems like a bad move, Hollywood. I understand the risk of doing a series not widely known to John Q. Public unless he is a Manga/Anime fan so I do get wanting a better known actress as an attention grabber but again this creation should stay with Japanese source material and hey nutty idea, maybe snag a few headshots for Asian actors and actresses. 

 Now I know the exact argument could be said about white characters in Marvel have become black is an issue but considering the majority of these characters are white since 1964 and frankly a little alteration isn't a bad thing.  No I did not lose my mind after Idris Elba was made Heimdall because again not a huge ordeal.   Samuel L Jackson isn't white, brunette and gray in his hair.  So what?   Psst, white folk.  It's not the 1930s so accept that characters can swap sexes and skin tones so long as the region makes sense.   The backbone of this story is centrally located in Japan and it would make sense using those locations, people and background for the film.

The biggest complaint among the guys is there are " No big titted Japanese girls to play this role." Fellas fellas let us not be too sexist piggies here. A simple bodice gives the illusion of a stacked girl. Chiaki Kuriyama (Gogo from Kill Bill 1) and Eihi Shiina from Audition and Tokyo Gore Police are but two Japanese young women that could pull of the physicality of the character as well as the look.

Besides we can cast beyond Japanese to find a girl that fits the look of Motoko easily. Given her wirework, choreography and swordplay in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero and House of Flying Daggers Ziyi Zhang could take a shot at the role and she is Chinese. Hell I would love to see Ji-hyun Jun from the live action Blood: The Last Vampire also audition for this role and she hails from South Korea. Need something more current? Pacific Rim's Rinko Kikuchi, an actress that has done live action adaptations of anime as well as been a voice actor for anime.

I just think Hollywood needs a slap in the face, needing to wake up and realize that not every fricking superhero, sci-fi and horror fan is WHITE. No white power, Hollywood. That's bad touch. Do your damn homework, Hollywood. Inspire future writers, astonish the viewers and set the bar high for new productions. 

Hey kids, don't I look a bit like Dolph Lundgren?