Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Yor, the Hunter from the Future

Welcome back from the week of Linda Blair. Wow, I knew the lady had fans but my God I had no clue the hold she has on folks. Again kudos to you Ms. Blair, a class act and thank you again for re-posting this blog. This week we are keeping fast and loose. No real theme happening this time.

This time around we look at an obscure Italian director finding himself in Sci-fi, Sword and sorcery, horror/giallo, spaghetti western and war flicks. Antonio Margheriti (Legs of Gold, Assignment Outer Space, Battle of the Worlds, The Golden Arrow. Castle of Blood, The Stranger and the Gunfighter, Hunters of the Golden Cobra and Alien From the Deep) brings us a film with more than a few twists attached to it. Based an Argentine comic in 1974 with a mixture of prehistoric and futuristic. This is Yor, the Hunter from the Future.

My wig itches.

Our opus opens with Yor (Reb Brown of Uncommon Valor, Howling II: Striba Bitch, Death of a Soldier, Strike Commando, Robowar- Robot da guerra, Space Mutiny, The Firing Line, Cage, Street Hunter, Cage, Cage II and Night Claws) jogging through the region of Turkey in Cappadocia mountains (region of Mount Taurus for the ancient Cappadocian empire) with his epic rock musical number behind him when he must save Kalaa (Corrine Clery of The Story of O, Hitch Hike, Moonraker, The Tunnel, I Hate Blondes, Skipper, Per sempre, Errore fatale and Moscacieca) and her mentor Pag (Luciano Pigozzi of General Della Rovere, Two Women, Blood and Black Lace, Yor, the Hunter from the Future, Double Target, Robowar- Robot da guerra, Cop Game and Zombi 3) from a dinosaur with a stone ax then drank its blood???

I thought he would to just paint himself with its blood. So clearly a feast in his honor. Only to be interrupted by bluish looking cavemen, trashing the village and only Pag and Yor can go back and save them all. They will need a lot of hemp before the day is out.

Man, Sandpeople need to keep the masks on.

Yor finds the most unusual way to hang glide into the cave to do battle with the blue cavemen, with Yor's World jamming behind him as he throws cowboy with a massive flood filling up the cave he gets Kalaa and that's about it. The rest of the villagers and cavemen drown. Whoops.

Yor and Pag discover some more origins of Yor with the golden amulet he wears, they encounter a race of mummies lead by Roa (Ayshe Gul of Yor, the Hunter from the Future) who bears an identical amulet. Rather than find out their stories Yor slaughters them all but the sultry blonde. Why does Schwarzenegger line from Conan the Destroyer, "Enough Talk," come to mind?   It does appear that Yor needs a few women for his superior breeding but before those flights of threesome fancy come to pass, more blue cavemen end up slaying Roa so no more backstory following then.

Jonathan Pryce is Darth Moodius.

Saving yet another village Yor, Pag and Kala proceed to make nice with yet another tribe from yet another dinosaur only to watch this tribe get vaporized by flying saucers with frickin' laser beams!?!

Are we in the past, the post-apocalypse or possible future!?! What the nine hells is I am watching!?!

Well this does not have copious nudity as it does commonly in Italian Sci-fi Fantasy, mild swearing, scale model work, blue screen and practical effects galore and all honesty, in spite of some of the goofy dialogue, this is not a bad film. Reb gets to be a beefy barbarian to hack and slash. Sweeping bouts of silliness aside, I had fun watching this film.

Wow, Liam Cunningham really let that beard grow.