Thursday, November 17, 2016

Screener Review: Meathook Massacre II

Hey all. I am back with a special review of Dustin Ferguson's latest tale of terror, gore and gruesome behavior! Who you may ask? Shame on you as I have done a substantial reviewing of no less than 6 of his movies and with Rotten Ramblin' On my co-host Shawn and I had a great time interviewing with him.
Yup he is staring intentionally at the breasts, hun.

Nebraska's own Dustin Ferguson of 42nd St Productions (Terror at Black Tree Forest, Silly Scaries, Doll Killer, Occult Holocaust, Cheerleader Camp: To the Death, Invitation to Die, Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival, Meathook Massacre and Blood Claws) writer/director/editor has brought back this disturbing loony from a decade's hiatus. Ten years prior, a string of murders happened in a rural region of Nebraska. No one was safe and no one was punished for the crimes. With no sign of the bodies as one crazed girl swears by and 3 months worth of manhunt, the authorities don't have clue one what really happened.  Now, the disappearances start again. This is Meathook Massacre II.

Damn those pesky kids and their dog!!!

Joining the cast is Deborah Dutch (Graduation Day, Hard to Die, Dinosaur Island, Vice Academy 4, Caged Women II and Stop It, You're Killing Me) a regular bombshell with Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wynorski and producer/actor Dawna Lee Heising (My Science Project, Big Trouble in Little China, Forbidden Warrior, Outworld, Tales from Dark Fall, Waiting for Dracula, The Famous Joe Project and Awesome Girl Gang Street Fighter)
In this you feel a bit disturbed about the little girl character Jennii Caroline is playing as the movie unfolds, this crazy collective of cannibals are all residing in a cave along with Breana Mitchell so the "scream queens" are back in the fold.

A Craigslist casual encounter goes bad.

10 years ago, Dan's sister Dani was killed or made to disappear along with her friends disappeared with her girlfriends going to a Dragonclaw concert. The cops never found her, his folks have given up hope but Dan (Daniel Stier of Blood Claws, Camp Blood 5, Night of the Clown and Meathook Massacre II) won't accept this as fact until he sees for himself. Retracing her steps he will get at the truth. Maybe one of the girls lived that horrible night, maybe one of them like Bre (Breana Mitchell of Slumber Party Slasherthon, Black Tree Forest III, Doll Killer, Die Sister, Die!, Cheerleader Camp: To the Death, Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival and Camp Blood 5) is still alive. A trek out to Black Tree Forest yield more results that he was ever expecting as he's clocked in the coconut by Mother Dawna. Well more meat for the winter I guess. Dan wakes up to see these nuts and somehow realizes that the youngest of them is Breanna with more glazing out than a doughnut. Seriously that kid looked just gone.  Being a little playmate for Sissy (Jennii Caroline of The Legacy of Boggy Creek, Silly Scaries, Escape to Black Tree Forest, Doll Killer, Die Sister, Die!, Gloved Murderess and Silent Night Bloody Night2: Revival) who comes off as a mad goth girl similar to Sheri Moon Zombie's Baby.

Evil, twisted or Elven?  You decide.

You can really feel the influence of Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a touch of Rick Roessler's Slaughterhouse and just a dash of Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses with Dawna Lee Heising's Mother Dawna feels so much like Karen Black's Mother Firefly. Yes it feels like elements of camp but there is also a creep factor in this that raises the hackles easily. This time around, Dustin pulled out some stops, got great locations and brought the bizarre to your living room. I'm only pissed because I cannot see it in a big screen.

Mongo like candy.