Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Post Apocalyptia Italianino: 2019: After the Fall of New York

Welcome back one and all to Day 2 of Post Apocalyptia Italianio. Hopefully we will have less scoring with hinted sodomy this time around. Again yesterday's bad touch addition was amazingly enough not a stripped girl being ganged on. Progress! Today's cinematic creation hails from exploitation/horror/sci-fi/giallo and sexploitation director Sergio Martino (Blade of the Ripper, Torso, High School Girl, Sex with a Smile, A Man Called Blade, The Mountain of the Cannibal God, Screamers and Craving Desire) bringing a post-doom-laden destruction of New York City after the nuclear war brought to us by writer Ernesto Gastaldi (The Case of the Bloody Iris, My Name is Nobody, A Genius, Two Friends and a Idiot,The Great Alligator, Casablanca Express and Top Model 2). This is 2019, After the Fall of New York a.k.a. New York- 2019 a.k.a. The Fall of New York and After the Fall of New York.

My God, the scale of devastation must be, about 1/16 I think.

With the terrifying devastation of scale-model New York we see the remains of the once proud city with blacken husks of skyscrapers and yet Lady Liberty not even marred. The narration explains it has been 20 years since the fallout and the world is divided into two major factions the United European Forces or Eurak and a fledgling rebellion called Federation. Thanks to the destruction, radiation in the air, soil and water there have been no children born and is looking as though humanity is finally over.

We find our would-be hero Parsifal (Michael Sopkiw of 2019: After the Fall of New York, Blastfighter, Devil Fish, Massacre in Dinosaur Valley and Bad Dog and Superhero) engaged in a death race in his armored 67 Chevy Malibu with another car of which he defeats. Hey he is the hero so that is just going to happen.  Dressed like NPC Companion Ian via Fallout, he deals with the baddies easily enough and goes to claim his prize. The prize? No, not the Highlander prize. He gets a girl Flower (Siriana Hernadez of 2019: After the Fall of New York) like he is on Fallout: Gor Edition who calls him Master. Our boy just sets her free to live a life that doesn't involve making the love to a guy she doesn't know. No sooner that good deed, Parsifal is zapped by a cheesy light ray effect and abducted to meet with...the Dean from Pieces? Yes the president of the Pan American Confederacy (Edmund Purdom of Sword of Freedom, Herod the Great, The Night Child, Deep Thoughts, Pieces, Ator, the Fighting Eagle, Verdi, Amok and Killer vs Killers) chats up Parsifal like he is Commissioner Haug chewing the fat with Snake Plissken and brother he is no Lee Van Cleef.

Sorry Plissken, no one Escapes From Cleveland.

Enlisting our roguishly handsome hero to find the one lone female Giara (Valentine Monnier of The Telephone Bar, Elle voit des nains partout!, 2019: After the Fall of New York and Devil Fish) that is not sterile, they plan to make use of her eggs after they leave the planet heading to Alpha Centauri... yeah I didn't just throw that together. So before the space race booty fest can occur, Parsifal has to sneak into the Eurak controlled region of New York but he won't be going alone. With the aid of Bronx (Paolo Maria Scalondro of The Blue-Eyed Bandit, Monsignor, Nucleo zero, Vendetta, An Eyewitness Account and Sleepless) a battered cyborg with a map of Manhattan and all its burroughs tucked away in his noggin and Rachet (Romano Puppo of Death Rides a Horse, The Great Alligator, The Commander, Secret of the Sahara, Ghoulies II and Zombi 4: After Death) the Confederate's strongest man, they will infilterate and break out Giara from her hiding place for the good of humanity. Clank was on back order. Maybe next time.

Sir? My helm just blurs my vision. You?

Oh boy, our old buddy George Eastman of New Barbarians makes an appearance as slightly mutated fellow, name of Big Ape. With the Ape Men vs the Rat Eaters, these gangs are kinda goofy. Didn't recognize him, he wasn't wearing his bad touch sodomy pants this time.  Anna Kanakis formerly Alma from New Barbarians as well is a Eurak Officer...named Ania, a power hungry, sexually aggressive woman with a lust for power and probably Parsifal.

Once again we have laser weapons but no stormtrooper blast tech armor to soak up the rays. Funny that Parsifal is packing the same blaster the Templars of New Barbarians were. I love the Confederacy have those chrome blasters from Barbarella. No seriously, I swear it looks identical to the one Jane Fonda was carrying. The mercs are dressed like Ring Wraiths at a BDSM club so not sure where the costume designer was going there. Composers Maurizio De Angelis and Guido De Angelis give some eerie organ music, electro punk and some funk going that would please George Clinton and his Parliment Funkadelic buuuuUuuuut... the score has been lifted from Yor, the Hunter from the Future. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?! Granted the same composers here but man, not even the same director, production company or even distribution. You would think heads would roll for that. Other incidental music sounds like it was used for Zombi 4: After Death much later.

What's the verdict? Well with the genocide, gore, nudity and random sex euphemism; it actually has a decent enough coherent story, we do get some character development and even backstory. It's a bit goofy and there is no real to describe this film other than it is an experience that cannot truly be fashioned into words. It is neither a good film nor is it a bad film. I think I was entertained somehow. Huh.

Georgia May found dumpster diving again.