Friday, December 28, 2012

Werewolf Week: Werewolf Woman

Howdy folks!  You know me in that I have seen some WIP (Women in Prison) films, some unfortunate rape revenge movies and heck even more than a few werewolf films.   Never did I think I should encounter a rape revenge werewolf movie but Rino Di Silvestro came to my aid and just in time!   So grab your Red Hots and soda.  Do not be afraid…to stick Twizzlers in your ears to block the dubbed dialogue.  This is La lupa mannara a.k.a. Werewolf Woman

Spoilers is idjits!!!

If you are like myself you find certain supernatural creatures fascinating and love some good old cheesy Hammer film on vampires or werewolves and so a friend (who will remain nameless at this time) presented me this film and said I would get a kick out of it.   I have a kick for him as well.  Groin kick mostly and it will hurt a lot.

We open our movie with a completely nude woman running around a large bonfire herself as she shifts, thrusts on the ground and ungulates her pelvic region to the sky or gods and the miracle of 1970’s editing she shifts into a werewolf or possibly she is a relative of Lon Chaney and just didn’t care for clothes.  Fortunately for us the makeup designer has her completely starkers with fur.  You know, in case you ever wondered what a nude female werewolf looked like.  No sooner is she prowling about in the woods a group of angry pilgrims with pitchforks and torches, set out to find the monster that has been mauling and mounting across the land.  Our noble villagers capture the werewolf and cleanse her spirit and soul…with fire.  Yeah the mob rules indeed.  

All of the sudden we awake with our heroine Daniela Neseri (Annik Borel of Blood Orgy of the She-Devils, Prison Girls, Truck Turn and Black Aphroditie) who was savaged, raped and her fiancĂ©e murdered by a group of thugs.   Yeah that’s a good start, movie.  If I had you a safety pin, would you stick it in my eye too?   Her father drags her off to Professor Exposition and through dream analysis and hypnotherapy we discover Daniela had an ancestor that was burned at the stake for being what the locals feared as a werewolf woman.  Ahh such irrational creatures is man. She spends most of her time naked er um on the path of her ancestor as a hero’s journey of discovery.

Okay folks I am going to level with you.  This is nothing but soft core porn and it fills the better portion of the film.   Proof that pain can be domestic as well as foreign; Exploitation director Rino Di Sivestro (Women in Cell Block 7, Love Angels, Deported Women of the SS and Baby Love) brings us this scintillating story of flashbacks, shared life experiences and more nudity next to an adult feature.
Three fourths of this movie is Daniela seducing men, morphing into the werewolf woman and ripping their throats out.  I think there was the potential message of feminine empowerment and rising up against the abusive tendencies of men and standing as your own without the need for aid but still allowing your heart to feel love and understanding.  And what could be more empowering than humping and maiming men??   This is also some narrative that will drive you completely crackers but hell you had to be a bit screwy to watch this turkey in the first place.   If you see this abomination in the dollar bin at Best Buy or Walmart just walk away.   No good will come of this.   Pun intended.