Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Andrea Romano Week: Batman Beyond: Heroes

Well greetings and salutations my readers and welcome to Day 3 of Andrea Romano Week.  After the success rate of both Batman: The Animated Series and The New Adventures of Batman, head of programming Jamie Keller got the crew in to praise their work and ask them if they could do another Batman themed series.  To gather a wider audience of kids they wanted a teenage Batman and bring this all new show to green lit and production.  With the help of voice casting director Andrea Romano, she managed to find some previous actors from Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series as well as some new cast to handle the load.  This is Batman Beyond: Heroes.

Chilly reception.

Just another crime-ridden night in Gotham as high-tech thieves in rocket belts trying to rip off a new microchip and Batman (Will Fridle of Boy Meets World, Kim Possible, Static Shock, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Green Lantern: The Animated Series) is in hot pursuit when three super-powered beings capture the thieves and handle the damage.

 In a released interview from Wayne/Powers Industries they state these three scientists were exposed to radiation altering their DNA making them The Terrific Trio...  say that sounds vaguely familiar.  Magma (Robert Davi of The Goonies, Die Hard, The Living Daylights and Profiler) Freon (Laura San Giacomo of Pretty Woman, Quigley Down Under, Just Shoot Me!,  Saving Grace and Few Options) and 2-D Man (Jeff Bennett of James Bond Jr., Johnny Bravo, Transformers: Rescue Bots, The Legend of Korra and Jake and the Never Land Pirates) are sponsored by the government and it seems Gotham is in good hands, Terry/Batman wonders if he is even needed now but Bruce remains skeptical about them and the situation.  

Yeah, gonna feel that in the morning.

 As time progresses, Magma starts to resent humanity given he cannot shift back into human and cannot have a real relationship with Freon.   Batman finds out that their physiology is so damaged it may mean they will not be able to survive let alone their condition may not have been an accident.  Will Batman have to fight them?  Will the government cover it up?

Andrea Romano had to team up with veteran voice actors like Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series, New Adventures of Batman, Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League), Teri Garr, Seth Green,Michael Rosenbaum, Olivia d' Abo, Kevin Michael Richardson offers a huge diverse collection like Paul Winfield, George Lazenby, Henry Rollins, Angie Harmon, Carl Lumbly and Christopher McDonald bringing life to the characters and bringing realistic problems and events to a fictional standing.  The series is as well grounded as Static Shock giving the teen issues presence.

To the Baxter... I mean the Terrific Tower!