Friday, July 22, 2016

Anime Absurdity: Sekirei

And welcome back everyone for another helping of Anime Absurdity. This particular show was bizarre, ever so jiggly and made me wonder if anime can survive without breast jiggling and and exorbitant panty shots. No joke, there is alot of these in this series so yippie I guess. With the literal translation into English as Wagtail, it is a tad difficult to take it seriously so I am not even gonna bother to try. This is Sekirei.


It the far away future of 2020, (4 whole years!!!) 19 year old Minato Sahashi a brilliant but easily conflicted youth has failed his college entry exams twice. A few days later, Minato meets a girl that fell from the sky known as Musubi. She claims to be a Sekirei (superpowered creatures with a different genetic code from that of humans and usually in the form of buxom young girls or extremely handsome young men) who has chosen Minato as her Ashikabi (humans with a specific genetic code that allows the Sekirei to be empowered through fluid contact via kissing or sexual intercourse) to whom she will serve and commence ridiculous anime over-to-top combat with fellow Sekirei as the the plan, the "Sekirei Plan" organized by the chairman and CEO Professor Hiroto Minakaof the MBI Corporation. He has abilities like randomly appearing on people's Tvs and commenting to them directly via telecommunications link. It's a two-way link so who knows when he is peeping in. Note to self, don't have TV in bathroom or bedroom.

Yup folks, you are in for a few doozies. So a spaceship crashed in 1999, and was discovered by two students walking in the woods in Kamikura Island, Hiroto Minaka and Takami Sahashi. The two naturally go aboard the wrecked ship to Scooby Doo it out and discover embryos and 108 creatures of life. Mostly baby birds.

Men just tossing themselves after this girl.

MBI Corporation has bought up Toyko as a sort of ground zero combatant zone allowing the 108 lifeforms to duke it out and prove their genetic worth. A complete media shutdown does not allow the Sekirei to leave Toyko so they must do battle within the confines of the game zone. The Sekirei must seek and find 8 artifacts of mysterious origin but they will be drawn to them giving them the power of the Jinki (God Instrument) . If all the Chaos Emeralds,er um I mean Infinity wait. I mean the Seven Seals. Yeah skipping on, it will allow that Sekirei wielder to eliminate all other Sekirei. Minato is rescued by Musubi and must prepare for the three stages.

Stage 1, the Sekirei are prepped and released into the wild if you will. They are required to find Ashikabi for their power boost and will develop...wings? I am guessing for better coverage of panty shots. Stage 2, Neither Sekirei nor Ashikabi may be allowed to leave Tokyo until defeating at least one Sekirei.

Stage 3, is a serie of battle royale matches between various Ashikabi for right to harness the one of the Jinki. For some reason only the Ashikabi are allowed to weild these until the end of the stage and advance further. The final round allows the remaining Ashikabi to take their Sekirei back to Kamikura Island and fight for the final prize. Yeah so the few that remain, will battle to the last giving them the right to ascend to Heavenly Palace and title of ultimate winner. Who knows, Highlander? Who knows.

The overall story line is fascinating to watch as both Sekirei and Ashikabi interact in combat, duels and in general life itself. There is no direct set of rules they must follow and there are more than enough upskirt shots to amuse the most basic of pervs and the flexing man beasts roaming about seem to have a bit of an impact as well. So yeah not exactly certain who this show is for other than NOT FOR KIDS.

Eyes up here.  Pervs.