Friday, July 1, 2016

House Stories: House IV: Home Deadly Home

Welly, welly well, I am back my fine readers. This time around writer/director Lewis Abernathy (DeepStar Six, House IV and Terminal Invasion) this flick fell under direct-to-video comedy horror and produced by Sean S. Cunningham and composed by Harry Mandfredini which should have been House III but apparently if some of the crew members and a killer haunting a house but we have Roger Cobb reappear. This is House IV: Home Deadly Home.

So that writing gig blew, on to repairing projectors.

Also known as House 4: The Repossession, the reappearance of Roger Cobb (William Katt of Carrie, The Greatest American Hero, House, Daddy's Girl, Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor, Jawbreaker, Justice League, Gamers and The Man from Earth) with a new family? Yup continuity said screw you former wife Sandy and son Jimmy. No real explanation at all for that. Thankfully he washed his hands of "those people", yeah I said it! Anywho, Roger now has wife name of Kelly (Terri Treas of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Santa Barbara, Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell, Alien Nation, Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound, Alien Nation: Dark Horizon and Alien Nation Millennium) and daughter Laurel (Melissa Clayton of Caddie Woodlawn, House IV, Stay the Night, A Child Lost Forever: The Jerry Sherwood Story and Land's End) and a step-brother?? Yes only child Roger Cobb magically has a step-brother name of Burke (Scott Burkholder of Crimson Tide, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Bandits, Swordfish, Impostor, ER and Six Feet Under) who WE HAVE NEVER HEARD OF, gets in touch with Roger about dead old dad (of which we didn't know who he was prior) passing and leaving him a creepy house...say ain't that familiar? I like to think of this as Earth-2 Roger Cobb with a different story arc than from the first movie. Maybe this one did in Big Ben slitting his throat from ear to ear. Moving on the house could be sold but Roger refuses to sell it while Burke wants to buy the house with his company's scratch so they can bulldoze it down make the land more profitable because it doesn't look like there is a neighbor for over two miles in the frickin' desert!!!!

Why am I hanging with you white devils again?

On the way home, Roger and family have a car accident that puts Roger in a coma, daughter Laurel in a wheelchair and somehow Kelly is completely unharmed minus a sprained wrist or some such. Roger is so messed up that Kelly has to decide whether or not to pull the plug (SPOILERS!!! Yeah she does) so it was really worth dragging William Katt back to the franchise. Kelly's wisdom on the whole scenario is to selling the house of their dreams and moving in the creeper old house for the sake of her dead hubby. Burke comes around and pesters Kelly to sell and she refuses. Later on, kooky supernatural events like: objects moving, portal opening, general whackdoo.

A vision the spirit of Roger is trying to warn Kelly that the car accident was actually a murder attempt to gack the lot of them to claim the house. Kelly views this logically and hires a Native American spirit guide Ezra (Ned Romero of Hang 'Em High, I Will Fight No More Forever, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice and Expiration Date) who points out the spirits want to help her against Burke and his "associates". Will Kelly have piece of mind? Will Roger get more screen time than 10 maybe 12 minutes overall?

The house looks very similar to the family house in Bad Dreams. The movie formula is back to a R rating giving it the near equivalence of the original in the sense that it is a horror comedy and has a house. Aside from that though, yeah this is not for those that have eyes, a soul or even a brain stem. Loved seeing Charlie Blackfoot (Ned Romero)again but yeah this was kind of a waste of time.

Jason Vorhees, Victor Crowley...Pizza Man.