Sunday, July 17, 2016

Exploitation Encore: Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

Heya folks! No this is not me starting up the next week, this is more "Hey Jake, you didn't post anything on Friday nor did you make it up to us Saturday. The hell, man??!!!" Well my ears ring and are bleeding from the cries of those I have wronged. Truth be told had a couple family days this weekend and felt I had more energy than I actually possessed. So today I sat down and gave the last of the week's film its due. I'm so glad I sat down to watch this gore fun fest of continuous screwy. No, why would I lie? So from FX artist/writer/director Yoshihiro Nishimura and director/screenwriter Naoyuki Tomomatsu (The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police and Samurai Princess: Devil Princess) comes the goofy feel good comedy of 2009...oh wait I was watching this. This is Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl.

Alas poor Sho Kosugi, I knew his films well.

Yeah that was just a sentence I uttered. Based on the manga of same title from Shungicu Uchida (Shiirakansu Brains, Nami no Ma Ni Ma Ni, A Personal Affair, Kedarui Yoru ni and Omae no Kaa-chan Bitch!) is the tale of the typical high school crushing of a teenage girl named Monami (Yukie Kawamura of The Scissors Massacre, Hide and Go Kill 2, Hanaoni, Lost Crime, King Game,Virgin and Sister Game) who is smitten by a young boy Jyugon (Takumi Saito of The Total Number of 3000 Juvenile Delinquents, For Love's Sake, Boys on the Run, Someday at a Place in the Sun, The Brothers Karamazov, Specialist 2 and The Ninja War of Torakage) oh and did I mention Monami is a vampire? This is not gone unnoticed by Keiko (Eri Otoguro of Shinri, Shutter, Shaolin Girl, Overflowing and Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land) leader of the Lolitas, daughter of the vice-principal and claiming Jyugon as her own. Monami's blood is mixed with a chocolate making Jyugon a half-vampire now and the cat fight ensues.

Man, that girl has a serious overbite.

Meanwhile lower grade students are disappearing for horrific experimentation such as, a modern-day Frankenstein's monster if you will made by some saucy albeit psychotic nurses and a surgeon decked out like a kabuki performer. Yeah that was also a sentence I had to write and nope, can't say I feel right about it. Keiko confronts Monami a quick squabble happens and then Keiko makes quite the swan dive head first. Kabuki surgeon works his magic and brings Keiko back with fresh parts. The battle begins! Who will win Jyugon's heart? How is this school's faculty this dense? Why haven't the students explained all this to their parents for immediate transfer?

A quick couple of points for this film. This is not PC so you will see over exaggerated Ganguro (yeah that is girls in blackface, fashion and hair made into afros) girls, a gang made up of Lolitas(girls roaming about in Victorian and Edwardian apparel) and authority figures such as teachers and police waaaaay over the top. They make fun of the awkwardness of being a teenager, wrist cutting and how one's behavior will weigh in honor on family. Also the fast paced zooming and quick 360 pans were killing my head. Vampires can also manipulate blood and fashion it as melee weapons. Good to know. 85 minutes of crazy antics, warped sense of humor and just down right bizarre anime style live action.