Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!!

Independence day is upon the American people.  A myriad of people barbecuing, drinking themselves to mass liver damage and blowing the crap out of most of their lawns and scaring the neighborhood animals.   Rotten Reelz Reviews and Rotten Ramblin' On are making changes this month as there will be a couple of websites, a purchase of SoundCloud's services and hopefully we continue the same goofiness and entertainment that both have brought.   May have to get a look for the potential Rotten Riffs but I have to see if anyone else wants to riff with me period.

Psst, you gonna leap on a couch?

So please toss comments, complaints, ideas, requests or other such concepts at Rotten Reelz Reviews or hit our e-mail at    New things are happening and I cannot wait to show the improvements.   Do the same for Rotten Ramblin' On or e-mail at

Okay that is all the updates I have.  Have a safe and responsible 4th of July and give a damn for your veterans with signs in their yard about how fireworks don't work well for them.  Seriously, give a damn about them.