Monday, May 1, 2017

Italian Exploitation: The Case of the Bloody Iris

Alright, I was flooded with folks wanting to know about Italian Exploitation. You see this ranges from anything to the likes of: Giallo (The graphic murder mysteries with gore, violence and nudity), Creature Feature, Mundo (Action/Adventure and Western with violence,nudity and foul language), Naziploitation (Depicting the Nazis as sex perverts, hedonists and creepers), Nunsploitation (Nuns violated of virtues, guns, drugs, prostitution and supernatural entities) and Erotic Horror (Serial slashers, giallo like scenarios, supernatural monsters, entities and Satanists with gobs of nudity). Now while all that sounds awful in some degree or another, remember that several of these same genre can be found in American, UK, European and loads of Japanese films too so no need for the more sensitive readers to be that upset. I shall endeavor to give examples of these subgenres even though I have covered more than a handful last week with Edward Mannix Week. Also expect a Rotten Reelz Reviews Audio Review some time this week.

Today I found an obscure Giallo film brought to us by director Giulaiano Carnimeo (Find a Place to Die,I am Sartana, Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin, The Diamond Peddlers, My Wife Goes Back to School The Exterminators of the Year 3000 and Rat Man) a man ranging from Westerns, Post Apocalyptic films and Giallos so this could be well worth the viewing. This is The Case of the Bloody Iris a.k.a. Erotic Blue, Why Are Those Strange Drops of Blood Doing on Jennifer's Body? And Why Are Those Strange Drops of Blood on the Body of Jennifer.

Oh that's no good.

Jennifer Lansbury (Edwige Fenech of Blade of the Ripper, Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key, All the Colors of the Dark, Black Belly of the Tarantula, Private Crimes, Donna and Hostel: Part II) a model by trade and her friend Marilyn Ricci (Paula Quattrini of I soldi, Il leone di San Marco, I demoni, The Case of the Bloody Iris, No alla violenza, I Don't Speak English and Festival) get a rather swanky high-rise apartment for a steal.. Turns out the previous tenant was brutally murdered. Not for the apartment I think but still that better be full disclosure it did or didn't happen in the apartment.

Johnny Walker Blue. No ice.

Finding Sheila dead in the elevator is model/erotic act/wrestler Mizar Harrington (Carla Brait of Blindman, The Dead Are Alive, Torso, Erotomania, Yuppi du, 1990: The Bronx Warriors and Escape from the Bronx), a sassy black gal built like a dancer but as agile as a cat. She was pretty noncommital with said dead girl in the elevator and tells two other tenants if the cops need to talk to her, she gives out her name and apartment number then scoots for an audition.

The previous tenant Sheila (Annabella Incontrera of The Assassination Bureau, Return of Sabata, Black Belly of the Tarantula, The Case of the Bloody Iris, Clap, You're Dead and Stigma) leaves behind her father, Professor Issacs (George Rigaud of July 14, Escuela de campeones, Horror Express and Black Jack) is investigating this brutal murder and discover the identity of the killer to see he or she brought to justice. The oddest standing is the architect finding the perfect girl for his ad. Um that is what an ads salesman would do but whatever. Andrea Barto (George Hilton of My Dear Killer, All the Colors of the Dark, The Two Faces of Fear, The African Deal, Mark of Zorro, Taxi Girl, Double Game and Don't Play with Tigers) is attempting to recruit Mizar for his work and glances at Jennifer during her shoot becoming enticed by her.

Okay you are a frightened bunny rabbit.  Action!

No sooner has Jennifer and Marilyn moved into the late Sheila's apartment, Jennifer feels as though she is being stalked by someone. When interviewed by the police, one of the butterfingered donut munchers let slip a masked killer has been offing pretty models and she better watch her step.

But who is this killer? Why is he slaughtering these girls?? Will we hear Edward Mannix's voice??

Our beautiful dolly/vehicle mount and hand held shots are all over Lazio, Rome and these are some of the steadiest shots in any environment. Nothing out of focus unless it was requested that the background becomes more important than the foreground. With the 35mm Techniscope give the Eastman color as per usual that means those cameras are heavier than the Arriflex by at least 25 lbs so hope those boys got back braces and shoulder massages each day. There is neutered versions of this topping out at 86 and 90 minutes. The full version is 94 minutes. Must have been far too smutty for some countries.

Like any good Giallo our killer is not revealed both physically or reasons why until the last 15 minutes. Until then it leaves you guessing who the murderer is and frankly this film does that well. Why it gets grumbled at would probably be light on the gore and heavy on the boobage. For the sleazy intended vibe, the soundtrack is catchy and will stay in your head, the footage is stellar, shadow and light play is awesome. Influences of Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci as there is a lot of focus on eyes but unlike Fulci, there was no plucking or gouging of them.

So yes if you don't mind eerie but mild gore, gorgeous girls taking their kit off and a suspenseful murder mystery, then step right up. I think it goes without saying not one for the kids but hell I don't know with what parents let them watch anymore. Last video/dvd store I was at, someone was renting Saw VI for her 10 year old. Charming right?

Inspector Not Morse is on the case, dammit.