Friday, May 5, 2017

Italian Exploitation: SS Girls

Welcome back. We are at Day 4 of Italian Exploitation Week and...well I am a bit tired from jiggly girls, gore and yet decent working scripts and subplots. So today we look at an example of Naziploitation (Typically sex crimes involving sadism gore and degradation in a women in prison or camp) under our favorite Italian Exploitation director Bruno Mattei (Guardian of Hell, Double Target, Shocking Dark, Rats: Night of Terror, Zombi 3, Born to Fight, Cruel Jaws and Land of Death) so yeah this is going to be a bit of a butt clencher. So how does the SS keep its men in line? Extensive interrogation? Jumper cables to a car battery to the scrotum? Nope you need an elite cadre of high-end prostitutes that answer to the Fuhrer!

This is SS Girls a.k.a.Private House of the SS, Private House of the SS Girls and Erotic Nymphs of the Gesatapo.

Volunteers for the Fatherland!

Dedicated officer Hans Schellenberg (Gabriele Carrara of SS Girls, Women's Camp 119 and Mutant Sexual Behaviour) hearing whispers, hints and scuttlebutt of potential traitors looking to overthrow Hitler and he decides to recruit 10 women as active whoring and getting vital information. Our film opens with a spooky manor worthy of a Scooby Doo intro and some eerie organ music lifted from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera which...yeah I really didn't feel bad about that. Their training montage kicked in and I was waiting for the Rocky music to kick in but it feels like Tinto Brass's Salon Kitty only more ample amounts of perversion and yet, still doesn't hold that many candles to Fifty Shades of Domestic Abuse. The funniest thing is Carrara reminds me of Steve Martin's character from Little Shop of Horrors. His dentist character but in monk robes and he is so over the top it is a treat. Naturally this is this highest order of the Fuhrer..along with the breeding camps, torture camps, supernatural methods enhancing humans to the proper √úbermensch from werewolf or vampire blood.

How do you do a striptease to Flight of the Valkyries?

Professor Jurgen (Luciano Pigozzi of General Della Rovere, Two Women, Blood and Black Lace, Werewolf in a Girl's Domitory, Castle of the Living Dead and Yor, Hunter of the Future) puts the lotion on to protect the girls' skins...oh wait I mean he did several comprehensive and intricate examinations and procedures. At one point one of the girls gets pregnant and the professor slaps her calling her a little slut. Um..what protection was there in 1942?

Right now Indy is stopping the Ark being used.

The Nazis were depicted as hedonistic perverts if you are looking for me to be pro-Nazi, you will be waiting on that bus stop for a long damn time. So with X amount of sex scenes of which there has to be well past 12 short scenes but this flick is only 95 minutes long. Why is there any reason for a story line to continue? So women tied up, whipped, hot candle wax and ugh. It just a conglomerate of smut that Bruno Mattei put this out there and while he was portraying horrific atrocities and sadly many Mattei fans consider this his magnum opus. I have no idea what to take away from this. He did try to put some emotional depth to it and give the film some sense of wanting it to weigh on society but this is NOT Citizen Kane folks. You will not rank this with Casablanca any time soon. Hans was either knee deep in orgies or he was playing his organ. Goofy scenes but again not a genius film.

Not going to lie to you, folks. The softcore porn, bondage and vast levels of gratuitous nudity is so much it almost feels the actual meat and potatoes of the story doesn't even need to be. Sitting through Salon Kitty it wasn't anywhere near as smutty as this film. Got to be honest this is about as erotic as getting teeth pulled...with rusty pliers. So yes if you need Nazis in a brothel, ridiculous sex scenes and bondage, yeah this is your flick. I think I am going to go read a book and save some brain cells.

Professor Creeper at the ready.