Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Italian Exploitation: Sister Emanuelle

And we are back for the Italian Exploitation Week. Sorry for the delay. Just got my stuff and there are tons of boxes and furniture. Okay that is an exaggeration. About 60 boxes and 19 pieces of furniture to be precise. Heaven knows what happens when one is not precise.

So taking a break from cutting open boxes I thought we would get the Nunsploitation flick out of the way. Nunsploitation? What's that? Well usually an innocent is corrupted by theme, scenario, environment, Satan or other supernatural means. This time around we will not witness Inquisition style whippings, searing, branding or disembowelment and thank God for that. Trust me, seen too many of those misogynistic flicks for a good damn while. Our film speaks of a young woman walking away from her sinful past and give herself to the church...but old habits die hard. This is Sister Emanuelle.

Confess your sins...slowly.

Helmed by Western and Mundo (action/adventure with extreme violence) director Giuseppe Vari (Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead, The Last Traitor, Who Killed the Prosecutor and Why?, Lady Dynamite and Urban Warriors) brings a tale of a girl of the world and by world I mean she has been promiscuous. *Gasp. Yeah because again it is a horrible offense for a girl to want to have sex with whomever she chooses...I guess...I didn't make these rules so I ignore that behavior.

Emanuelle (Laura Gemser of Black Emanuelle, Emmanuelle II, Emanuelle in Bangkock, Emmanuelle on Taboo Island, Black Cobra Woman, Voyage of the Damned, Emanuelle in America, Crime Busters, Confessions of Emanuelle and Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals) through with her lustful ways turning to vows of chastity and becomes a nun. 

Oh look. Her Sex-Ed tutor is here.

 She has been asked to Venice by a wealthy Baron Catsabriaga (Rik Battaglia of Sodam and Gomorrah, Winnetou: The Last Shot, Duck, You Sucker and A Genius, Two Friends, and a Idiot) to mend the wicked ways of his daughter Monica (Monica Zanchi of Sister Emanuelle, Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals, Hitch-Hike, Zombi 2, The Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra and Naftalina) as he caught her in the act of the down and dirty with her stepmother. Makes you wonder how long he was actually watching before he got indignant and grumbly. It is up to the good sister to help Monica mend her ways and turn to the path of the good book.

So it is off to the convent for Monica. Pretty sure the stepmother is either getting divorced, flogged or handed to the factions of the church from Mark of the Devil no doubt. Our little Monica is a sly one and has her heart on seducing Emanuelle bringing back her wanton ways she has attempted to supress. Gemser's portrayal almost feels like she is haunted by her past and tells herself she wants nothing to do with it. That she has moved on and yet it keeps coming back. To make matters worse, Monica lets in a wanted rapist/drug peddler/murderer because he's pretty and was nice to her. Yeah you can tell this was not written by a woman at all. Subtle hints are there to back this up.

Nuns have needs too.

The nuns are strict, the schoolgirls pent up and...yeah I really am not going to go into lavish detail on this. The convent looked familiar. The grounds and the fact it was a castle with a large courtyard. Guess what ICWXP and Rifftrax fans. It is Balsorano Castle via Bloody Pit of Horror. Well I am sure those girls will sleep well at night knowing the Crimson Executioner is oiling himself up and waiting to judge them all for their sins. So yes if you need a schoolgirl/nun, schoolgirl/schoolgirl and Euro fuzzy men crawling on "schoolgirls" then you are in luck. If perhaps this is not your cup of tea, GO WATCH ANYTHING ELSE!!!! The pattern of well it's been 5 minutes, time for some more booby was getting ridiculous.

A bit of trivia, Laura Gemser took over the character of Emanuelle from Sylvia Kristel after she was the lead character for more than 7 films. It's like the saucy Doctor Who. The character keeps regenerating and de-aging everytime and her sole purpose is...well to bone or be boned. Perhaps not as noble as the Doctor I grant you but a ridiculously long lasting character. Lucky me, I got to view the 90 minutes Euro version uncut. There's a penis joke in that last statement, isn't there?

Casual day for the convent...OF HORROR!!!