Sunday, February 22, 2015

5 of 10th Tales: The Doctor's Daughter

Greetings followers of the TARDIS. Welcome to Day 5 of 5 of the 10th Tales. I know that you were all concerned I was not going to finish this but I got caught up in finishing two chapters in my upcoming hard boiled detective novel and was a wee bit knackered from that. So what is more fun than having a companion, seeing new worlds, writing wrongs and facing danger? How about two companions delving into that madness with our Doctor in question? We find the Doctor, Martha Jones and Donna Noble bouncing around in the TARDIS onto a mission of mercy with a distress beacon but our valiant team may find more than they bargained for. This is The Doctor's Daughter.

So dish. You snog him yet or what.

After defeating the underhanded preemptive strike on Earth by the Sontarans, the Doctor and Donna are ready to get under way. Newly added UNIT (Unified Intelligence Taskforce formerly United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) Martha Jones ends up going on what she claims is her last trip in the TARDIS as she has a life on Earth, a career in UNIT and a fella. OooOoOoO. Donna Noble (Catherine Tate of Barking, Harry Hill, Attention Scum, Wild West, The Catherine Tate Show and The Office) having previous adventures with the Doctor is his current companion and is a bit taken back how Martha (Freema Agyeman of The Bill, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Little Dorrit, Law & Order: UK and The Carrie Diaries) seems a trifle jaded but still feels the exploration bug. Personally, I think she is still irked that the Doctor didn't take her up on any of her advances to him. 900 years of age doesn't always help acknowledge a pretty girl hitting on you.

The TARDIS lands on the planet Messaline where no sooner they start poking about they come across some human soldiers demanding they come with them... at gunpoint. Yes, a familiar trend with the Doctor but for the sake of non-violence they comply. The soldiers that don't look old enough to shave or buy cigarettes cram the Doctor's hand in a machine that is called a progenator using the Doctor's DNA as a template to physically generate a female soldier.

G.I. Jane comes with all accessories show here. Vehicles sold separately.

After which a collection of aliens known as the Hath attack killing one of the soldiers and abducts Martha as a hostage. The young girl sets off an explosion that seals the corridor trapping Martha with the Hath but keeping the rest of the party from harm. At gunpoint (AGAIN) the soldiers take the Doctor and Donna to their superior officer for debrief (and pantsing) and the Doctor explains how the girl is a generated anomaly (a reproduced being through his DNA and a machine's coding) and Donna names the girl Jenny (Georgia Moffett of Bonkers, Fear, Stress and Anger, The Bill, Doctor Who: Dreamland, White Van Man and The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot).

Trapped on the other side of the corridor, Martha treats an injured Hath and gains their trust as she is whisked away to the Hath's encampment. General Cobb (Nigel Terry of The Lion in Winter, Excalibur, Feardotcom and Troy) explains to the Doctor and Donna at one point the Hath and the Humans were meant to live together but for some reason that fell apart over a dispute about something referred as " The Source" Dear God let it not be associated with Highlander 5. Oh yes, that is a real thing. Google it.

Using his macguffin... I mean sonic screwdriver, the Doctor reveals the path to the Source and Cobb rabble rouses his people into a forced march to wipe out the Hath and claim the Source for them. The Doctor and Donna try to get Cobb to see sense and he has them and Jenny locked up so they cannot interfere. Jenny and the Doctor attempt to see each others' point of view and actually bond.

Will the Doctor, Donna and Jenny be able to save Martha? Can they overt the impeding blood bath? What is the Source and what is its purpose?

A few interesting tidbits on the episode. Contrary to fanboy rumors Summer Glau was never considered for the role of Jenny. Sorry fanboys.   Georgia Moffet is the daughter of Peter Davison (the fifth Doctor) who plays the Doctor's Daughter. A year after filming with David Tennant, the two dated and had a daughter Olive in 2010, they were married a year later. Of course the wibbly wobbly timey wimey of it all that the Doctor's Daughter is the Doctor's daughter, who had the Doctor's daughter in return had the Doctor's granddaughter.   

I think we hit a pothole.