Friday, February 13, 2015

Star Trek Favorites: Spock's Brain

Welcome, welcome one and all back to Day 5 of Star Trek Favorites. We move into Season 3 episode one of which has been mocked, ridiculed and been picked apart by hardcore Trekkers to the causal observer. I myself have a place in my heart for the oddly specifically titled episode in that the absurdity is outweighed by the total seriousness of the acting attached to it. The whole concept feels so convoluted and over the top the centered actor approach makes it that much more fun. This is Spock's Brain.

Just sneaking this fart and see if Shatner notices...ahh.

Out and about is the fearless crew of the starship Enterprise under the command of Captain Kirk , when they encounter a ship of unknown configuration. Initiating first contact rules, a beam emits from the ship beaming a gorgeous woman on board the bridge. Before anyone can act she stuns the bridge crew with some device attached to her wrist, then seems to examine them all but pauses on Spock. The crew finally wakes up and McCoy finds Spock in Sickbay with his brain removed. Thankfully due to the plot device er um I mean Vulcan physiology, Spock's body can remain alive under artificial circumstances for up to 24 hours, time enough to plunk his mind back into his skull, reconnect all nerve fibers to their proper locations and get Spock on his feet in no time at all. Yeah you really need to suspend disbelief at this point.

Bad enough they stole his brain but his pants too?? That's just mean.

Using the sensors of the ship, Scotty trails the unknown vessel to a nearby star system and they play a hunch on which of the 3 class M (a planet capable of supporting carbon based life) planets the ship is hiding on. The landing party funds the ruins of a destroyed city but the technology is preserved. With Spock in tow via a device that allows the motor functions to be remote controlled and allowing him to move, our team is in hot pursuit of the nefarious brain nappers. Will they find Spock's brain in time? Can McCoy even hope to transfer it back into Spock's head? How many times did McCoy make Spock slap himself in the face?

How about some trivia? This is the only Star Trek original series episode that had a series regular's name in the title. In his book, William Shatner referred this episode as one of the worst and went on explaining how Nimoy was completely embarrassed during the course of the shoot. Written by Gene L. Coon (The Killers, Wagon Train, No Name on the Bullet, It Takes a Thief, Mod Squad and The Streets of San Francisco), left Paramount to pursue a larger contract for Universal but it was believed that Lee Cronin a.k.a. Gene L. Coon's pseudonym was crafted because of this episode he was contracted for and loathed it out right. Nope, just wanted a bigger paycheck, kids.

Dead or alive, you're coming with me.