Monday, November 9, 2015

Free-To-Play Reappearance

Hello and welcome back to Rotten Reelz. We had a week off due to needing to make some serious funds. My apologies but I do not get paid to write 4 to 5 times a week on here and believe me if I did I wouldn't miss a beat as writing is one of the greater gigs out there. That being said we have had zombie films, horror films and some sci-fi as of late but I am thinking it is time to hit Steam up again for some free-to-play games and find out what the big fuss is about it. As many of you know, Steam engine maintains several games ranging from multiple genres, tastes and ratings. I myself enjoy the ones I have downloaded and CANNOT WAIT for Fallout 4. That game will be my jam!

Jake's G/F is in the shower.  I'd give details but I am sworn to only watch.

I thought I would focus on different titles, genre and play and re-play-ability. From the continuation of Ghost Recon: Phantoms for hardcore FPS to trying my luck at team building, adventuring action of Neverwinter after its now 6th expansion. Who says I don't get my geek on?

'Tis a battle greater than getting on DDO's hub.

Oh FYI to all you Phantom players, the pricing guide for updated weapons just got a whole lot more reasonable costs so enjoy that. I have been trying out Neverwinter since all of...well last night. I will get my co-star of Rotten Ramblin' On Shawn on the horn and get his take on Neverwinter vs DDO.

Who knows, maybe I will even give the massively unnecessary reboot of Marvel Heroes 2015 a gander but I am a wee bit sick of revamps, reboots and re-imagining.

One and all are welcome to join me as I burn out my retinas and blow my ear drums on some old school PC gaming goodness. Ta ta!

Ew, he is peeping in that girl's shower...lucky bastard.