Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey folks,

Jake here via Rotten Reelz Reviews and just wanting to wish you all a happy turkey day.  I hope the tryptophan hasn't taken complete control of your bodies and allowed the little ones to run amok, cramming hot wheels tracks up your collective septum.

Guess who's getting stuffing??!!!

Got some things happening with the blog and podcast Rotten Ramblin' On.  Looks like we will get that microphone after all as my co-host decided to snag one.   We are demanding fans write into the gmail. rottenramblin' or to the FB page:  

We are still attempting to get guest stars as well as the Skype program for interviewing them for audio recording as a whole.   Sorry if the technical errors have progressed to a level of SPACE MADNESS...but Shawn and I are not rolling in it financially and we have to make due from time to time.

I will gab with him on studio guests visiting and we will go from there.   Until then, enjoy your family time, your bird and a well overdue nap.