Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Seasons Continue: Supernatural Season 5

Welcome back for Day 2 of Seasons Continue and yes I will get off my ass and start anew with the wonders that is the Winchester Brothers. I am sorry if I have not given them my due attention as I try to review movies and video games as well. As left at Season 3 (Yeesh, this guy is behind.) Dean had all but sacrificed his life after the Gate to Hell was opened and demon incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins manifested about, changelings misbehaving and a pesky lot of vampires this season ended on a dark note leaving Sam alone and Dean taken to Hell. Has the journey run out of road? This is Supernatural Season 4.

Why does a Jill sandwich joke come to mind?

With Dean dead and gone, Sam continues the family mission with a reckless abandon to reason, just hurling himself into danger just so he can feel. Bobby (Jim Beaver of Adaptation, Tremors: The Series, Next, Supernatural and Deadwood), former hunter, research nut and wrangler of the doofus brothers finds Dean alive and very confused. Naturally Bobby is skeptical to believe that is the real mccoy. After a few tests he concludes that is really Dean and now what the hell happened?

All the two have to go on is these massive indentation bruises on Dean's arms and they are visited by a being of absolute power. This being claims to be an angel name of Castiel (Misha Collins of Girl, Interrupted, Finding Home, Karla and Supernatural) stating that God demanded Dean be given more life because he and Sam have so much more work to do. So rather than just taking the biblicial creature, Bobby decides to drag the boys a psychic Pamela (Traci Dinwiddie of The Notebook, Mr. Brooks, Open Your Eyes and Elena Undone) figuring out why Dean is back, what is the endgame and is God truly there?

A ghost goosed me!

We are back to the typical angst, the shared laughs and the brotherly love is back. Sam has gone a bit dark as he has gone hunting alone. Bobby has had more than his share of rotgut as bottle riddling the floors of his house. The twisted demon in a cute suit, Ruby is back to cause some havok and match wits with the boys again. The gang get messed with by angry spirits out and out blaming the Winchesters, a time travel story and even a shapeshifter obsessed with classic Universal Studios monsters.

The choir of angels is seem to be divided in carrying out is almost as if God isn't nearby to confirm or deny the angels' commands and requests. Sam and Dean are starting to wonder if this is supposed to be happening. My personal favorite episode in this season is the one where the guys are trying to convince this family to NOT move into this house of just utter damnation. It needed blood covered letters saying KEEP OUT but even that would not help any way, shape or form.

She digs me more than you, bro.