Monday, May 9, 2016

Easter Bunny Bloodbath

Howdy all! Well Free Comic Book Day was a tad insane and Mother's Day managed to send traffic all over town. That being said, what I am about to write up is one of the goofier, convoluted creations ever to come out of Canada. Well there is The Final Sacrifice and this flick. The young director in question is Richard Mogg (Bangin' Vengeance!, Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare and Massage Parlor of Death) and from this collection of titles you sense a pattern. This is Easter Bunny Blood Bath.

No truer words written!

1967 a young Peter McKay witnesses his sister decapitated by a lunatic decked out as the Easter Bunny. Shocking enough, Peter never celebrates the Easter holiday...20 years later, I know this because of the title card, we flash ahead to an isolated cabin in the woods. Hmm, this doesn't sound trope at all. Peter (Shayan Bayat of Sanctuary, Rain Down, Mayan Calendar: The True Story of the Apocalypse, Bangin' Vengeance! And The Arrangement) and his five friends, Lisa (Meghan Kinsley of Steve's Blind Date, Stenwyken, The Acting Teacher and Legends of Chima), Steve (Scars, Snow Tramp, Caprica, Reise, Confined, Fairly Legal, Supernatural, Marley & Me: The Puppy Years, A Princess for Christmas, Level Up, Trading Christmas and A Fairly Odd Christmas) Justine (Adrian Daniels of Estelle, Easter Bunny Bloodbath, Baby Weight and The Takeover) the oddly named Mike (Laura Hope of Toad Face, Estelle, Rasa, Easter Bunny Bloodbath, Baby Weight, Bangin' Vengeance and The Business of Acting) and Carol (Jessica Hill of Henchin', Resurrection, Easter Bunny Bloodbath and Rain Down) all looking for a good time. Yeah that means some reefers, booze and boning. I know, I too was surprised. Our "lesbians" were as believable as flying against the blue screen in Pumaman. With clothed shower scenes and even the death scenes are pretty hokey.

Impending doom?  Eh, let's get blazed and drunk!

With the fast pace zoom of getting our characters established, a nu metal tune blares out "Bastard Son" we zip our cast out to the most gaudy neon green cabin I have ever seen. You know if you don't want hunters to get drunk and shoot your place up, you could easily have gone with neon orange as well.
10 minutes in the kids tell a scary story with with some colored drawings as the narration continues. This crap was so painful to stare at as it looked like a kid played with paintbrush.
Our gore practical effects aren't bad and the CGI was decent but body parts looks like something you would pick up from a Halloween store.

With a paltry $3600 CAD or loony or whatever our director was camera operator, sound editing, production and film editing, this has a professional vibe to it, the actors are solid, the camera was properly blocking its actors and general finished creation is actually not bad. With all that in mind, our opus was shot on a Sony HVR-Z1U a broadcast video camera good for interviews and documentaries but I have never viewed it as a means to shoot a movie. When compressed for DVD or Blu-Ray it looks a teensy bit cheesy. Still more of a story than Vampire Chicks with Chainsaws...mind you that is not saying much.

Okay, punished the paper boy.  Who's next??!!