Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Hiya folks, I'm back. So with the trend of superhero shows massing from ABC to CW to Netflix you wonder if any are allowed to show any form of adult theme or interaction. Oh Agents of SHIELD have eluded to but the restrictions of the channel's by-laws forbid any nudity of any such. What about powered beings that think, act and talk like humans? Daredevil and Jessica Jones have given a more realistic stance in that and I imagine The Defenders and Luke Cage will do the same. Keeping that in mind, we never see them at their vulnerable state. Do they go clubbing? Are they at the library checking out books and DVDs? We do not see the level of true arrogance and drunk on their own victories. They are flawed humans with abilities that exceed our own and none of that happening? What if I told you of a show sponsored by Playstation creating an entire world loaded with super beings of all different ages, backgrounds and cultures? With the amazing distribution of Playstation Network, Circle of Confusion and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes a show that gives many a point of view on superhumans and normals. This is Powers.

Meh, I gave up smoking.

Created by comic book writer/producer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, Jessica Jones and Powers) and novelist/writer Charlie Huston (All Signs of Death, Powers and Caught Stealing) comes a take on L.A.primarily dealing with heroes, villains and the collateral damage of in-between. Our story focuses around Detective Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley of District 9, The A-Team, Europa Report, Elysium, Payday 2 and Oldboy) a former power known as Diamond, Walker has been stripped of his powers and is now developing a true detective's mind and instincts. The City council nor the federal government are putting real money into the Powers Division, a gathering of cops trained to deal with superhumans and superhumans homicides. Kinda like Special Crimes Unit in Metropolis. Understaffed, underfunded and undermanned, this team relies heavily on what they have learned about power sets from Walker.

Breaking in a new partner from Sheriff's department, Detective Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward of 30 Rock, 666 Park Avenue, Mother of George, The Following, Poltergeist, Powers and Vinyl) grew up with cartoons and following of Diamond and his super hero team-ups, so she feels a bit let down of this bitter and cynical cop busting his tail trying to make the same difference he did in costume. Walker's biggest accomplishment was busting his former mentor Wolfe (Eddie Izzard of Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill, The Avengers, Mystery Men, Shadow of the Vampire, Five Children and It, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Ocean's Thirteen, The Riches and Valkyrie) a man that can absorb powers, heals like Wolverine and oh yeah shucks and devours people like so many oysters. Yup, you have not lived until you have seen Eddie Izzard buck bare, with ratty long hair, a beard and a ravenous appetite.

Hey, this is all real ya pervs.

Several of the supers avoid Walker like the plague as if he is a walking, talking moral lesson that anyone can be taken down. A mishap with a wannabe powers Callista (Olesya Rulin of Urband Legends: Bloody Mary, High School Musical, Vampire Chicks with Chainsaws, The Dance, High School Musical 2, Forever Strong, High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Greek) puts Walker in the path of his ex-partner/love interest/friend Retro Girl (Michelle Forbes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Swimming with Sharks, Battlestar Galatica, True Blood, In Treatment, The Killing and Berlin Station) a seasoned crime fighter/poster girl/endorser does her level best to aid and help but realizes as much power as she has, she cannot save everyone and it eats at her. Ghosts from Walker's past arrive in the form of his old teleporting friend Johnny Royalle (Noah Taylor of Dogs in Space, Lover Boy, A Country Practice, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Vanilla Sky, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life and Peaky Blinders) which everyone swears by died by Wolfe's hands and teeth is back juicing the kids of powers, any potential powers and existing heroes and villains feeling like their powers are waning.

With homicides, mishaps, team-ups and general city wide destruction occurring constantly, Walker gets why normal humans are terrified, envious or amazed by what they see and hear. Will the Big, Bad Wolfe come out to huff and puff? Will there be a mass of lunacy needed to be stopped? Will Walker ever get his powers back?

This is very adult, folks. If you wanted to watch this with the kiddies, there is graphic violence, swearing like sailors and some sexual content in dialogue and a few visuals. It's raw and unfiltered how characters feel about this and that and the stories encompass all characters about it. I mean how would you respond to seeing three blocks engulfed in green fire? Maybe a 200 foot high being threatening to eat your planet? It gives us a more human view to a superhuman world.

Black Lightning got hot?