Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Friday the 13th Part III

Howdy all. Well I went through the archives of moi and didn't find this particular sequel in the mix. Our favorite antagonist that ran about with a potato sack slicing and squashing twenty somethings playing teenagers as a bloodbath ensues. How will this pan out? This is Friday the 13th Part III.

I sense impeding doom...hmm, oh well.

Directed by Steve Miner (Friday the 13th Part II, Night of the Creeps, House, Warlock, Elvis, Forever Young, Against the Grain, My Father the Hero, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and Lake Placid) this film is literally the next day thus being Saturday the 14th and that is a crappy movie. A new group of co-eds on vacation off to a cabin by Crystal Lake...where they past cops, ambulances and city workers of that nature. No bells in the head going off? Spidey senses ringing a bit?

Jason injured profusely by the previous encounters and not the zombie/mongoloid/hillbilly resurrection that we have come to know and love. Sneaking into a crappy lakefront store for some clothes and a replacement mask via potato sack. Richard Brooker now the third man to pick up the machete/pitchfork/bare hands whatever played Oghris in Deathstalker is best known for. With the flashbacks of Ginny and Paul recapping the film prior do give content and credibility.

One of our soon-to-be victims is a jokester Shelly (Larry Zerner of Fame, New Love,American Style, Hadley's Rebellion, Knights of Badassdom, Found and The Epidemic) has wacky gags, props and some masks. Of these is the iconic hockey mask claimed from his victim and used to hide his ridiculous mongoloid face that morphs into a zombified state for years to come but forever hidden away. 

Hey folks, I'm yer next-door neighbor.

Slaughtering hippies, bikers and teeny boppers brings about some of the same goodness of the original two also bringing a bit of depth into Chris (Dana Kimmell of Days of Our Lives, Sweet 16, Lone Wolf McQuade and Night Angel) and a connection to Jason prior but yes it is a bit trope ridden but this was the 80s is allowed as they are the building blocks of the slasher subgenre. What makes this stands out of the series this was part of the 3-D franchise prevalent in the early 80s. Will Chris and her friends survive this nightmare? How many bodies will pile up?

A few points of trivia with this film. The house, barn, and lake were made on location. The lake wasn't properly sealed so the water damaged the soil of the first week of filming. This flick cleared $36 million against a budget of 4 million. With a body count of 12 and the fact this was Paramount's first 3-D flick since Ulysses (in 1954) 28 years prior, this is one of the few films that did not address him as Jason at all. NOT...ONCE...

Initially there was a call for the script draft they were going to have Ginny in a psychiatric hospital confined there awaiting Jason to get her murdering the staff and other patients in the hospital but it was too close to Halloween II being too similar.