Thursday, June 30, 2016

House Stories: House III: The Horror Show

Sorry about the delay. Brain hating migraines. Enough of that, time to get back to the continuing series of House. Yeah this film isn't even supposed to be a link to series but thanks to distribution from foreign to domestic this film was released under... wait for it, ALTERNATIVE TITLES!!!! The producers decided they need to rename this film House 3 for the foreign market because...reasons. Yeah I was surprised it turns out House IV should have been House III but produced by Sean S. Cunningham and composed by Harry Manfredini simply made our original third film House IV to solve all the issues and baffle about every collector. This is House 3 a.k.a. The Horror Show a.k.a. La casa 7 a.k.a.Evil Dead 7 and House III: The Horror Show.

Yer gonna die ya filthy replicant.

Directed by the late SFX creator/director James Isaac (The Horror Show, Jason X, Skinwalkers and Pig Hunt) follows the story of Detective McCarthy (Lance Henriksen of The Terminator, Savage Dawn, Aliens, Near Dark, Pumpkinhead, Alien 3, Man's Best Friend, No Escape, The Quick and the Dead and Millennium) finally catches America's most successful serial killer with a kill count of 110 people. Our vicious and ridiculous laughing Max "Meat Cleaver" Jenke (Brion James of Blade Runner, 48 Hrs., A Breed Apart, Crimewave, Silverado, Enemy Mine, Cherry 2000, Red Heat and Tango & Cash). Yes 110 people went to their deaths somehow with the cops never noticing or finding any clues and correlation to the other deaths. That stupid cackle will drive you bat crap crazy.

Pumpkinhead 5: Harvest Season.

So sentenced finally to his death via electrocution only physically in fact made him into a electric being that can manifest into all those who dare to watch his execution. This particular concept of executed serial killer coming back to life and stalk folks down was based originally in Wes Craven's Shocker and Robert Resnikoff's The First Power. Fearing for the lives for his family, wife Donna (Rita Taggart of Coming Home, The Horror Show, Limbo and Mulholland Drive) and kids Bonnie (Dedee Pfeiffer of For Your Love, Falling Down, Cybill, Up Close & Personal, Burn Notice and Flatline) and Scott (Aron Eisenberg of Amityville: The Evil Escapes, Streets, Prayer of the Rollerboys, Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge and The Liar's Club) as Max haunts them from beyond the grave. The common theory is he wanted to drive Lance Henriksen crackers before killing him. Will McCarthy be able to save his family? Can Jenke be stopped? Will anyone give a crap??

Several scenes had to be removed to avoid an X rating according to the MPAA's standards. The European release I saw has some serious gore that frankly wasn't over the top by Saw's standards. Loved how Jenke's apartment was completely untouched, none of his stuff removed and clues that he was intrigued by McCarthy and his family for ages. Death row takes years so who the hell was paying for that apartment to stay open for a convicted serial killer?

Yeah it was painful, plotholes of electromagnetic evils and the effects were fair. Buck up folks, we still have one more House movie to go.

How's my breath??!!!