Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Movies with the word Slaughter in it: Slaughter

Welcome back for the week my gentle and loving readers.   SoOoooo... I did not get any ideas, comments or suggestions for what to write this week.  Honestly it is okay to offer some film, TV or video game ideas.   With that in mind, I randomly chose the word slaughter as the crux of what I would be viewing.  As luck would have it, rather than some jiggly girl in lingerie with big breasts running up the stairs rather than out the door, I got a blaxploitation of action packed goodness starring the one, the only Jim Brown (Cleveland Browns fullback from 1957-1965, only man to be inducted to the sports Halls of Fame for College Football, Pro Football and Lacrosse) This is Slaughter.

Girl, you already got your alimony check.  Now git!

Jim is Slaughter, former Captain in the Green Berets, war hero and all around bad ass. With his dad being deep in the mob, a car bomb goes off killing both his dad and mom as they returned from an evening show. Nosey reporter Kim (Marlene Clark of Enter the Dragon, Ganja & Hess, The Beast Must Die, Switchblade Sisters, Sanford and Son and Highway to Heaven) senses a scoop and badgers our hero whom wants nothing to do with her. Hitting up one of dad's contacts he is off for revenge to nail the muthas that killed his folks. Taking out a handful of these dirtbags, Slaughter has been picked up for unloading a Colt .45 (pistol not the malt liquor) on an airstrip.

That may be a factory recall.

Expect a few N bombs folks because...um, it's the seventies?  The chief inspector of US Treasury (Cameron Mitchell of Carousel, Blood and Black Lace, The Beachcomber, The High Chaparral, Space Mutiny,Memorial Valley Massacre and Easy Kill) says he can waive the murder one and assault with a deadly weapon charges if... Slaughter heads down to South America (Mexico City) and take the rest of these scumbags out.

The mobsters that almost lost their lives decide to lay low, live off the ill-gotten gains for a while and not draw attention. That doesn't sit well with number 2 in the organization Dominic (Rip Torn of Montserrat, Slaughter, Blind Ambition, The Beastmaster, City Heat, RoboCop 3, Men in Black and Men in Black 2) who wants Slaughter dead, the organization to expand and take over L.A. Slaughter just made it to "South America" only to find out that reporter girl Kim is actually part of the US Treasury department as a field agent and the chief assigned her to watch Slaughter's back...possibly his front too.

Yup, she's never going back.

Dominic wants Slaughter's head on a pike given his boss insists Dominic's girl Ann (Stella Stevens of The Nutty Professor, General Hospital, The Poseidon Adventure, Chained Heat and Santa Barbara) to pork information out of Slaughter but ends up falling for our boy.

Will Slaughter live up to his name? Will Rip Torn live up to his? Why did Kim have so few lines?

South America was all over Mexico City so I don't know why the organization couldn't have been located in Mexico. Still love that we see Slaughter's folks in a car that explodes, covered in flames that shoot up 20 feet in the air, the next scene Slaughter is waiting on the ER doctor for news. Doc tells him that his father didn't make it and I am thinking, "Well yeah, dude got well done." Went up like one of That Guy From Harlem's NY strips.  Just needed a bottle of crappy J&B scotch to go with dad after that.

Driving Mr. Brown: The TV Movie.