Thursday, October 27, 2016

Random Titles: Nightmare Sisters

Welcome back readers of mine for Day 2 of Random Titles. I have recently been looking into the works of director David DeCoteau and was unaware I have in fact already seen several of his movies. Understand this, for some movies I want to blot them out of my head instantly and that can be due to acting, cheesy sets and even cheesier practical effects. So I am not always armed with an obscure film in the sense that not EVERYONE has heard of it. That being said, I now realize I have seen every Puppet Master David has directed along with Creepozoids and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama so...what the hell. Knowing the tone, let's give another flick of his a whirl. This is Nightmare Sisters a.k.a. Sorority Sisters a.k.a. Sorority Succubus Sisters.

80s Horror flick or Charlie Sheen's bedroom?? Only you can decide.

Three geeky girls Melody (Linnea Quigley of Robot Ninja, Guyver, Blood Church, Vampire Hunter, Burial of the Rats and Hollywood Cops), Marci (Scream Queen Brinke Stevens of Private School, Sole Survivor, Fatal Games, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Cheerleader Massacre) and Mickey (Michelle Bauer of Nightdreams, Cavegirl, Reform School Girls, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Demonwarp, Warlords, Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge, Evil Toons, Dinosaur Island and Witch Academy) aren't the popular sort and and it's no wonder with Melody's buck teeth, singing off-key, Mickey devouring snacks like they are going out of style and Marci's nasal voice that sounds like what if Alan Parsons Project and Yoko Ono did a an existentialist prog rock duet album.

We now return to 3 Geeky Girls.

Bored out of their skulls they invite 3 geeky guys...which sounds like a NBC Tuesday night show at about 8 o' clock. Coming this Fall on NBC!   Moving along, the fellas Kevin (Richard Gabai of Assault of the Party Nerds, Blood Nasty, Ghost Writer, Virgin High, Dinosaur Island and Inner Sanctum II), Duane (William Dristas of Nightmare Sisters) and Freddy (Marcus Vaughn of The Visitants, Sorority House Massacre, Nightmare Sisters, The Girl I Want and Vice Academy Part 2) are all on board convinced tonight is the night they get laid. Seriously, they will not stop giggling about that.  I wanted to leave a D20 at the scenes of all their murders I had laid out for them.

The party starts flagging and the girls break out a crystal ball performing a seance.. I thought pot would have done the trick but nope, let's tamper with forces we don't understand instead. Unbeknownst to the girls, the crystal ball is cursed and each girl becomes possessed by a succubus transforming them into the extremely hot and yummy scream queens we all know and love.  Melody gets a bit more rocker chick, Mickey gets a bit cavegirl and Mickey has a dominatrix attitude to go with her good girl appearance.

Hmm, phallus anyone?

The boys must fight out the temptation that's shaking its tail feathers at them and find a way to help the girls they don't go and seduce every guy within a forty block radius. Clearly they need a young priest and an old priest. Probably doesn't help that their jocko one dimensional frat bros show up to get some tail. Eh, more wood for the fire I suppose.

Floaty Head of DOoOoOooOoooM!!!!

With the script banged out at 7 days and the film shot in 4, it surprisingly looks done well. A bit more blocking for screen would have been nice but I am watching Nightmare Sisters not Citizen Kane. 

Brinke Stevens uncomfortable with being all nude, DeCoteau swapped it out to just topless and I guess that was easier to do. On the boys' dorm wall is a poster of Creepozoids which made me laugh. Recorded on 35mm Arriflex this was oddly enough shot in mono for I am guessing because it was cheaper to do such.  So if you are into silly antics, topless young women and a bit of horror then come on by and enjoy the flick.

Hmm this looks a bit kinky for an exorcism.