Friday, October 7, 2016

Movies With the Word Slaughter in it: Slaughter Daughter

Well howdy all and welcome back for Day 4 of Movies With the Word Slaughter in it. Well this randomness has been interesting. Now we have a film with a rhyming scheme...not too sure if it is going to be something worth viewing but let's give it a whirl. This is Slaughter Daughter.

Why hello Clarice...

What we have is not the stereotypical teen slasher as it appears to be more of a revenge thriller that is amazingly not about a rape revenge so PROGRESS!!! Instead we have elements borrowed from your gritty and dirty grindhouse era with the poor print grainy look to the jarring camera angles and even some unusual music cues.

Director/writer Travis Campbell (Troma Digital Studios: A Lesson in BrownRay, Mr Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical, Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1 and Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 2) has cut his teeth under Troma creator Lloyd Kaufman and spins a yarn of a failing beauty queen Farrah (Nicola Fiore of The Chainsaw Sally Show, Ms. Cannibal Holocaust, Slaughter Daughter: The Webisodes, Teenape Vs, The Monster Nazi Apocalypse, Annunciaton, Liberta, Royal Pains, Vamp Bikers Dos, Sociopathia and The Night Before) whose mind is slipping into some level of psychosis ever since she was stood up on her wedding day. With her father dead she lives with her mom and aunt who are in the closet lovers (Ew.)

Put your shoes on and get in the car, dammit!

Mom (Leesa Rowland of Satan's Storybook, Sgt, Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., Book of Love, Troma Theater, Conviction and Scriptless) is extremely abusive to Farrah, berates her constantly and drops the bombshell of being engaged to her father's best friend. Farrah proceeds to dwell in her own subconcious to escape from the really real world. From this point is when she begins to obsess over notorious serial killer Jackson Miles (Tim Dax of The Lair, Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, I Spill Your Guts, Catch of the Day and Vampie).

Becoming pen pals with convicts is not unheard of but normally it is not to pick the killer's brain without a book deal or movie on the table. As a token of her affection she sends Jackson a finger in the mail landing her into a tour in the local wacko basket. Upon release she visits Miles on death row and tells him he can have her if... she can learn the art of murder.

Is Mommykins and Auntie dear in for a treat??? Will Miles just pork away and give Farrah some BS and shoo her off??

Generally speaking, the ambience of the film feels like either an early Brian De Palma movie or possibly one of Lucio Fulci's giallo movies taking its time and pacing itself. The acting is surprisingly good and the whole cast are really into their characters. Our gore gags and practical effects are quite well done and we get more kills on camera rather than a cut away or off-screen death. I am not certain I would watch it twice but in the long run it was still enjoyable, bloody and gasp, there was some nudity for ACTUAL REASONS. I know, I too was stunned.

I vant you blood!!!