Thursday, October 6, 2016

Movies with the word Slaughter in it: Slaughterhouse

Welcome back for Day 3 of Movies with the word Slaughter in them. Now this next film and I have some history. Many moons ago, when I was a wee lad, Lincoln was still in office slaying vampires and I am certain steampunk may have just started; there was a goofy looking 8x 5 movie poster stand prop of this movie. This particular film cover and horrifically stupid tagline used to make my mother and I laugh. Y'see dear readers, my mom co-owned a video store and that is probably where my want and desire to yammer about films of yesteryear and just out that year started. Well Mom, we have made fun of this flick's standing for years but I sat down and watched it. This is Slaughterhouse.


Buddy has an axe to grind... A big axe. As novel a tagline as Soup is Good Food. This particular oeuvre hails from one time director/writer Rick Roessler telling the tale of the poor farmer/abattoir owner Lester (Don Barrett of Slaughterhouse, Hobgoblins and Desperation Rising) and mentally retarded and slightly obese 350 lb Buddy (Joe B. Barton of Blood Diner, Slaughterhouse, Sledge Hammer!, Home and Away, Fatal Skies and Water Rats) are stuck under the wheel of progress as they are experiencing cash flow problems like any American farmer. With the slaughterhouse closed on their property, no real employment for the pig farmer, they do their level best to butcher meat on their own and prep for market.

Lester, yer kid's body odor is killing the county.

The Sheriff's daughter Lizzy (Sherry Leigh of Slaughterhouse, Born Killer, Yellowthread Street, Demon Wind, General Hospital, The R. M., Jolene and L.V.J.), yup her name is Lizzy Borden wants to shoot a horror movie with shoestring budget and they sneak onto the abattoir property because it is the perfect location for such. How meta. Her friends join her for such hijinks in spite of it will be shot of VHS rather than the better and old school Magnavox higher def news cameras.

However a big wig, high falootin' fancy pants Tom Sanford (Bill Brinsfield of Zombie Death House, Slaughterhouse, Warbirds, Terrorgram, Confessions of a Hitman and Top Dog), Lester's lawyer Harold (Lee Robinson of Slaughterhouse) and Sheriff Borden (William Houck of Slaughterhouse, Speak of the Devil and The Abominable Snowman) have a sit down and discuss how the county assessor is going to close Lester's farm unless he can come up with $55 thousand smackers in a month. Enforcing the idea to tear down the abandoned slaughterhouse so they can build a new fangled technological updated one makes Lester point out the machines can't do the work of a man. The sheriff tells Lester he has 30 days one way or the other.

Well those aren't hogs.  They're slackers.

It is at this point with the appropriate whisking music you could turn the first act of this movie into a drama with the struggle of the old time farmer versus modern ways... but that might be a wee bit difficult when the bodies of trespassers start getting stacked like cord-wood.

Will Buddy and Lester lop up the whole town??? Can the sheriff put a stop to their murderous ways???

In 1998, a sequel was written for Slaughterhouse but apparently it never got past the script and they never bothered to release it. While this is a slasher film genre it seems to lack nudity which I was surprised but there is actual hog slaughter footage so if that is disturbing for you, fast forward or skip ahead about 7 minutes. The pace is fair, the cast are a bit inexperienced but primarily, you have a gory flick with them pesky teens getting the sharp end of the cleaver.

Trying to be Sheriff Brody but I am coming up Brackett.