Monday, November 10, 2014

Entertainment of 1976

Welcome back my gentle readers. As you know I seemed to have disappeared last week and no rhyme or reason. Well I got disconnected and it took a few days to reconnect and allowed me time to write on my detective novel so it was not time wasted at all. That being said, I am aging on Wednesday and felt I should take time to think of the games, TV and movies of the year of my birth of which is 1976. Yes, that old. With all this in mind I thought we could tackle games of yesteryear, films that may have moved us and TV that graced generations.

Travis Bickle, portrait of the sane.

With that, this week's theme is simply known as Entertainment of 1976. With from the underdog struggle that was Rocky to the disturbing visuals and evils that was The Omen, 1976 managed to find solace in the cinema, back at home and even in the arcades and roller rinks. With the re-creation of Godzilla providing action figures and the Japanese company Toei, licensed by Mattel brought 24 inch high figures known as the Shogun Warriors. Naturally, Marvel Comics jumped on the chance to give both franchises, comic books allowing further circulation. Mego balanced with DC comics, Marvel comics and popular shows of ChiPs, Starsky and Hutch, Happy Days and Planet of the Apes.

So feel free to have a nostalgia flashback with me or be amazed that such concepts happened and enjoy.

That's not Captain Stubing!  That's Mel Brooks!!!