Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Random TV Week: The Dresden Files

Welcome one and all, back to Random TV Week as we explore Day 3. Thus far, we have had some laughs and some darkness with decent humor attached. How about we take in some magic? No, David Copperfield is not invited. I speak of tapping into the powers of the elements, thaumaturgy, invocations and transmutations. Dragons, ghosts and lycanthropes oh my. But who would we turn to when it all goes pear shaped? Why Chicago's Finest... wizard. From the pages of best-selling author Jim Butcher comes a different kind of gumshoe. A shamus with a wand, charms and a wacky sidekick. This is The Dresden Files.

Silly wizard, spells are for kids!

With the development team of screenwriter Hans Beimler (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Tek War and Riverworld) and producer/screenwriter Robert Hewitt Wolfe (Futuresport, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Stephen King's Dead Zone, Andromeda and Scarlett) it would appear that they would handle the genius of what was crafted by Butcher of a wizard that does not wear a pointy hat, a long flowing beard and doesn't even have a proper keep. That's Merlin's bag, baby and Harry Dresden (Paul Blackstone of Holby City, The Truth Game, Presidio Med, E,R., Deadwood, Big Shots and Arrow) is a wisecracking, pop culture loving smart ass spellslinger that works on commission. When he isn't peeping through keyholes, tracking bail jumpers or dealing with the occasional demon threatening maiming and destruction, he is a consultant for Chicago P.D.offering a unique view at the world.

Hmm, this time of the month that folks aren't prepared for.

Entrusting the City's money to this supernatural sleuth is one Lieutenant Karen Murphy (Valerie Cruz of Nip/Tuck, Hidden Palms, No Man's Land: The Rise of the Reeker, The Devil's Tomb, True Blood and Homeland) a no nonsense, hard nosed cop that always collars her man snares Dresden for case by case standing whose abilities always gets results even if her superiors cannot stand the stigma being associated with a self-proclaimed "wizard". With his former mentor/tutor/friend and clever ghost Bob/Hrothbert of Bainbridge (Terrence Mann of Critters, Critters 2, The Equalizer, Critters 3, Critters 4, Gargoyles, Eavesdrop, Red Hook and Freedom) a thousand year old sorcerer trapped in his own skull for using black magic, does penance for his wicked doings by assisting Harry in his cases and not getting enough credit in return. Harry must battle the evils of the world and the darkness inside him after his own taste of black magic.

To remind him constantly of his former wicked ways is the White Councils' chief warden, Morgan (Conrad Coates of Smallville, Kyle XY, Reaper, Helen, Skyrunners, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, TRON: Legacy and This Means War) a blade wielding no nonsense cop in his own right except if you break the Laws of Magic, your sentence can be swift and headless.

A few comments about this show now. Lasting only a season, a lot was changed to the dynamic of the stories but the essence of Harry, Chicago and Murphy were preserved. There were big stinks of turning Morgan into a black man and frankly Conrad Coates delivered on every scale so no issues here with moi.

Bob was made a ghost rather than a spirit of intellect/horndog and folks were miffed in spite of Terrance Mann's eloquent nature to lewd commentary. James Marsters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel was approached to play Harry after being the audio
book reader of the series but he felt he had too much going on in California to move to Toronto to shoot.

Dresden fans of both book and TV series vary, bicker and also enjoy this brief look into a world of magic and who knows, maybe a new series will be redrafted or even a film. It is a realm of possibilities.

Drop dead gorgeous.