Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Free to Play Week: Counter-Strike Zombies

Hello and welcome back to Day 2 of Free to Play Week and of course a good round of gaming isn't complete without at least one zombie game. Since 1992 with Alone in the Dark and in 1996 with Resident Evil, zombies have been the default enemy for FPS and TPS for survival horror. With this creation on October falling under Massive Multiple Online First Person Shooter giving a Player Vs Player and Player Vs Everyone. This is Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies.

Get in position, men!

A spin-off of Counter-Strike after four incarnations, this MMOFPS offers a free-for-all bloodbath action that can easily be causal to a full coordinated assault. Counter-Strike is one of the more popular online games to date. From the pitting of terrorists vs counter-terrorists play face off to their objective in round-based combat.

With the option of being the tactical human squad member to being a rampaging zombie rendering flesh and creating exponentially more zombies, the graphics run fairly smooth, give multiple levels or mapped regions to play in. Make no mistake, this is purely team effort, free range games of racking up kill counts and solo journeys. With a wide variety of weapons and ground to choose from, the roaming undead are not slumping along Romero style but actually very quick, aggressive and dangerous as all get out. After six violent deaths I know of what I speak. It's the gluing fingers back on part that annoys me.

Due for a mani, Carl.

Zombie experience aside this version has all the standard modes like Hostage Rescue and Bomb Diffusion giving the team a split-second decision making all the while up in their necks in the enemy. From spectator, good guys and bad guys this Counter-Strike differs in only the introduction of zombies to this FPS franchise.

A few comments about the overall game play.

Keyboard directional is standard WASD and third button mouse to select weapons or the hot keyed F1 and on. Comes with a TeamSpeak or Ventrilo option for chating with your team. Standard FPS and TPS view can be swapped out during play or downtime between events as usual. The downsides are also abundant. The complex levels of menus, craftung system, the enormous inventory to keep track of and the server browser. Throughout the game time, pop-ups will occur on every menu screen to try and tempt you to play for the day. You haven't completed the weekly challenge. Are you sure you want to quit? You have unclaimed prizes! Are you sure you want to quit?

Meanwhile, the poor slob just wants lunch or maybe to go for a walk. Aside from the nagging of stay demands, the most problem you have is the zombie swarms book at an impressive rate so have a SAW (Squad Assault Weapon) at the ready. Other than an occasional jump scare the worst thing will happen is a finger cramp for the trigger button.

Zombie mime!!  Get it!!!