Monday, November 17, 2014

Random TV Week

Well greetings my readers and welcome to the beginning of the week. I have been a bit stumped about this and was racking my brains for the better part of 5 hours and I decided to just go with my gut. I have not given the idiot box a chance and thought some a few shows I am currently enjoying might just be the ticket. Keep in mind, I do enjoy more than a handful of shows that have been canceled or ran its course so that is a likely scenario to prepare yourselves for.

No, I don't think the space station is too phallic.  Well...

I almost did a collection of horror movies but I really want to stem away from my earliest writings and try to get a fresh perspective on other entertainment. I shall not, nor is it likely I ever will be tackling reality TV series so my apologies up front on that. What I can promise is to share a wide spectrum of past and present so we can hope for the best and again if you have any suggestions for the week, hit me up via Facebook, Twitter and the like.    

I say, you wouldn't happen to seen a blue box around here?