Monday, August 17, 2015

800th POST BAYBEES!!!! Grindhouse Flicks!!

Good day and welcome readers of mine. No doubt the week is here and a few suggestions aimed me back to exploitation films. Exploitation is classically defined as any film that tries to succeed financially by exploiting a trend, niche or genre of a taboo matter. Commonly these movies are subjects but not completely limited to sex, violence or romance. Exploitation films as a whole started as far back as the 1930s with titles like: Reefer Madness, Sex Madness and She Should Said No!   The term grindhouse originates from any theater that shows only exploitation films.

Hold still Tom Metzger or I blast you, sucka.

With that in mind I am referencing the titled term of Grindhouse Flicks which were low budgeted features that shot as a double feature in seedy theaters and most drive-in movies in the day. Hell, most of the exploitation genres barely got any theater time and had to go straight to the drive-ins because the FCC wasn't poking their noses heavily in there so films like: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Coffy,The Mountain of the Cannibal God, Death Race 2000, Race with the Devil and even Mad Max were deemed unsavory for the public and should be shooed out of the public eye.

Being a member of the VHS generation we saw more than our fair share of the so-called exploitation films and found most entertaining. Apparently if it isn't greenlit A-list material, actors and directors all indie films needs a whooping.

The exploitation films falls under some many categories such as: Biker Films, low budgeted Slasher films, Kung-Fu movies, Blaxploitation (made with black actors for black audiences as they claim to be but almost always in a urban environment with some racist theme, white supremacist story arc or "The Man" encroaching on their lives and lifestyles, dig?)Women in Prison flicks, Splatter films (A horror movie that focuses on graphic violence and gore), Spaghetti Westerns (Italian-made Westerns from the mid-60s), the rape and revenge films,

Okay, I am sorry I pinched your butt.  Sheesh!

Giallo films (Italian slashers focused on cruel murders and the search for the killer or killers) Chambara films (Non-tradition style of shooting a samurai film in Japan in the 1970s) Monster Movies (Usually involving atomic radiated creatures, aliens or creature features) Nazisploitation (Nazi themed story arc, death camps, chemical or atomic mutations to prisoners and brothels so nudity and violence)

Ozploitation (Australian made films that based around violence, booze and environmental exploits and destruction like Mad Max or Turkey Shoot) , one I hadn't even heard of and then I realized I have seen one of the subgenre is Redsploitation (Native American characters usually getting revenge on white men that tormented or murdered someone close to them. Think Billy Jack.)and of course lastly Sexploitation (soft-core pornography or semi-nude or fully nude men and women in sex scenes)

With all these sub-genres it is enough to make your head spin to think this all originates from the blanket term Exploitation. Having sampled more than a handful of these movies and all their sub-genres I can safely say... not a fan of the rape and revenge flicks! Not overtly jumping up and down for joy if offered a Naziploitation flick. I have enjoyed several of the Giallo movies like The Hatchet Murders a.k.a. Deep Red, Blood and Black Lace and The The Case of the Scorpion's Tail

 The Car themed flicks or Carsploitation I guess like: Two-Lane Blacktop, Death Race 2000, the original Gone in 60 Seconds and the original The Hitcher were all fascinating and entertaining.

Exploitation Films have their place in viewing pleasure and sure there are plenty out there that I WOULD NOT recommend for say someone like my folks or my very too young nephews to be viewing but the sub-genres allows enough variety that there is something for everyone. Admittedly I really want to avoid the guy that has wall-to-wall DVDs of just Women in Prison films. That guy needs to get out once in a while...or maybe a wee bit of therapy.

With this in mind, the week shall consist of as many of the sub-genres as possible and as always I will do my level best to remain objective and keep the comments PG-13. Hey, I got some younger readers too.

See burning her alive saves her soul...or something.  Hell, I don't know.