Monday, August 3, 2015

Some developments!!!

Hey folks!   Sorry to be the dead squirrel under your hunting shack or the used kitty litter thrown at your parade but as you may have noticed this particular blog does not exactly pay to write.   With that in mind I am attempting to find ways for it make funds but in the meanwhile the week is going to be null and void so I can get some work available to me.  Aside from a little freelance writing I do not make nearly enough funds to afford... well much of anything at all.

This of course not the readers' fault that I have not be able to find viable work and well as time to watch and review films, so at this time it is research, poke around on the net.   Hey if you have any suggestions where I could be writing from or if there is a blog advertisement other than Google+ I have overlooked.   Feel free to send me that site!

Maybe this will distract them while they find out there is no week here.

With that said, I am off for more prosperous fields and will be back next week hopefully with both the Indiegogo beg-a-thon for Rotten Ramblin' On and  Shawn and I will at the very least have a new podcast out for your 18 and over listening pleasure.