Monday, August 10, 2015

Made for TV Movies

Welcome one and all! I have returned!!!! We are scrambling to get the Rotten Ramblin' On Podcast Campaign out there to folks. This week we are trying to get funds to get the podcast up and running and the hope we will build a podcast for folks to listen. With that being said this week I will be tackling a concept that has been hitting our idiot boxes since the mid 60's. I speak of Made for TV Movies. The term is a full-length film that was produced for and/or distributed by a TV network and I are made specifically for television.

TV Movies is the action is!

The first ever TV movie began in 1961 with the NBC Saturday Night at the Movies. The first of these being the 1964 film, See How They Run which is a chase film with children stalked by hired killers after they accidentally took a piece of evidence that points to a cartel which murdered their dad. Intense concept, right? Aside from the creature feature Sy-Fy silliness, the TV Movie has massed audiences of various ages and generations.

I plan to find 5 completely different genre based films for TV to give a better perspective and scope and allows for decent story-lines. Ranging from nuclear war, police dramas, murder mysteries and family oriented films.

Fabulous hair means drama on the way.