Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rotten Ramblin' On Podcast Funding!

Hey folks!  Jake here!  I am trying to put together a format if you will for potential ideas for the podcast.  PLEASE GIVE INPUT!   What topics are calling out to you???    Do you want to hear old comedy road stories???   We are looking to do interviews with writers, actors, directors and the like. 

Sooo... I suppose we should help Jake and Shawn then..

Who do you want to hear on the hot seat?   Personally I would love to snag Wil Wheaton and Bruce Campbell myself as separate chat ups but we don't know what the future holds until we get this gig off the ground.

10 bucks or Hell 5 bucks at a shot it will all add up and we get this podcast everything it needs!   Please give us some ideas what you want out of the show.   Shawn and I can babble til the cows come home but we need topics.

Rotten Ramblin' On needs our help, dammit!!!

We are at Day 2 and my lord I have had 12 people add to my Rotten Reelz Reviews twitter account so clearly the message is being heard.   The message is help us to get this bad boy off the ground, archived and ready for your enjoyment!   I would love to do some clean up records for previous episodes and Shawn and I can do that when we are good to go.

Please give to the site!!