Saturday, August 15, 2015

Podcast Newsfront!!!

Hiyas boys and girls!!!   

We have an update.   Due to a small purchase we just might get the word out that Rotten Ramblin' On will get some more plugging.  

I know you are all getting a wee bit tired of seeing this pop-up but again we are nowhere near our goal of $600 to get started on improving the podcast and getting everything we want out of it.   We really need some shout-outs, donations, word of mouth, carrier pigeons whatever will carry the message.

You wouldn't want to disappoint Jake and Shawn...would you?

We need your assistance or green elf is about to die!

While Shawn and I are working on getting the word out and take donations for the podcast, we are racking our brains for newer topics for you all to listen to.   Give us e-mails, Tweets, IMs,  messages of the FB page at Rotten Reelz.    All the places you can reach us are being us and not some shady multi-conglomerate bent on making flesh eating viruses.

Campaigns are a real headache!

I am posting the pages on this particular rant now.   

Hell I am tossing in my g-mail addy:

Pester me if you want Shawn's info, height, build, distinguishing marks, sexual preference or if you just want to get in touch with either of us.

Again this is the link that tells the tale of Rotten Ramblin' On and its future...

Let's get this one done, folks so we can bring you a worthwhile podcast!!!