Friday, February 5, 2016

Fallout 4!

Hi there folks. Back again with a review. Yes I thought that would be surprising. This time around though we are going to enjoy the post apocalypse again but courtesy of Bethesada Softworks in continuing the existing series. With all the super mutants, screwy robots and more crazed cults and raiders at the ready. This is Fallout 4.

I'm gonna need a bigger gun.

This time around we make our way to Massachusetts' very own Commonwealth of Boston. You are a parent and spouse in the year 2077 after the last war. You are set to deliver a speech for your surviving unit and hope to establish some compassion. As a father/mother you have a newborn month old son you have named Shaun. With your Mr. Handy Codsworth assisting your new bundle, life is pretty good. Why there is even an underground vault in your neighborhood fully built just in case of nuclear fallout. Vault 111 is ready to go as a Vault-Tec sales rep reserves you and your family for a spot as you are a former soldier with time served. Well having a little insurance isn't a bad thing and offers peace of mind...until your TV report exclaims ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)have been launched for key locations in the US.

You grab your little one and spouse and run like hell is nipping at your feet. Vault-Tec preps you all for decontamination is a suspicious looking chamber but before you know it, you are cryogenic frozen. Time passes and you see a gunman and two techs making off with your baby and shooting your spouse. You pass out due to the cryo cooling you. Next thing you know alarms are going off, your cryo pod releases you as you rush to your wife/husband who has sadly died. You have a son to find. The world has completely trashed and left in ruins. Your home, neighborhood in Sanctuary Hills and even your Mr. Handy bot has all aged and dilapidated. Codsworth tells you it has been over 200 years since you went to the vault. Somehow you must tread these old streets and find your son at all costs.


Unlike the first 4 games, we have never seen the life prior the nuclear fallout with a future technological amazement with a 1950s revival appearance in vehicles, clothes, music and lingo. Following as the fifth game of this series this action RPG that can be first or third-person view with combat and it is open ended allowing to walk all over the map. Power armor is littered all over the Commonwealth giving you a bit more speed than just running across the road, increases strength and armored to handle incoming bullets, laser and plasma blasts.

Well the pros and cons have to be addressed about this game to give it an objective look. The pros are such: Multiple weapons that can be modified and improved, armor that can save you and your companions, dialogue options making the game go in different directions and a voice cast that brings these beings to life. The graphics really sell the show and the lip syncing was damn impressive.

The cons however are thus: Loading screens take anywhere from 30 seconds to maybe up to 5 minutes. The lag between entering different buildings, floors or locations can drag in the similar fashion. Sexual nature of your character has to be heterosexual unlike Fallout: New Vegas, given you gay, bi-sexual and hetro options. Locking up is also not uncommon as it has been for the entire series but bugs will be bugs. You always seem to have to sign on to one faction or another because you against the world is...odd? No clue there. In spite of the lagging and error hiccups the re-play-ability is there, I have had this game since November, and still haven't found every last location in the game. The funniest part of this game is shaping, coloring and altering your character's face and body to how you want your character to look like. People have been known to spend way too much time on it.

Nick picking...the lock.