Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Flash Season 1

Hey there folks! Welcome back to my rambling...oh wait that is the podcast. Be that as it may, are you superhero fans? Do you like the idea for live action incorporation of the characters on film and TV? Let's face it, since Blade and X-Men we have been living the superhero craziness and overall they have been enjoyable. Yes there is more than a handful we could all grump, bitch and complain about but the general vibe is superheroes are still cool. That being said, you have to give the love to DC comics bringing Green Arrow from Arrow, Supergirl from Supergirl and even Gotham some props that they deserve. The biggest draw thus far has been the Scarlet Speedster himself the Flash. This is The Flash Season 1.

Yes my outfit looks a little silly.

We catch back with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin of CSI: Miami, 90210, Glee, Vixen and Arrow) almost a year after STAR labs particle accelerator accident caused a massive surge of engeries across Central City and rendered Barry unconscious from it. Nine months after the accident, Barry wakes up to find the city is pretty much the same, his job still being there and his adopted family has been concerned for him. His impromptu dad, Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin of Ally McBeal, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Joyful Noise, Puncture and Smash) has a new partner Eddie (Rick Cosnett of The Trojan Horse, The Vampire Diaries, Quantico and Skybound) who happens to be dating Barry's best friend, surrogate sister and love of his life Iris (Candice Patton of The Young and the Restless, Sorority Forever, Entourage, The Game and The Flash).

So why can't I be hot and nerdy like you, Bethany?

Barry starts seeing things happen quicker, moving faster than he ever has and in general is disturbed by it. Going back to STAR labs he meets the team of scientists that have been watching over him since the accident. Biochemist Dr. Bethany Snow (Danielle Panabaker of Sky High, Home of the Giants, Shark, The Crazies, The Ward, Friday the 13th, Bones and Necessary Roughness), electronics engineer Cisco Ramone (Carlos Valdes of Arrow, Vixen and The Flash) and founder of STAR Labs Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavangh of Bang Bang You're Dead, Ed, Love Monkey, Two Weeks, Eli Stone and Scrubs). With a bit of testing and work up they find out that Barry has developed superhuman speed and accelerated healing from such.

After having a heart to heart with the Arrow, Barry decides to become a hero to thwart crime in a way that being a CSI never allowed him to. Take care of fires, bank heists and overall bad men and women in a flash. But with every hero must be a cadre of villains. A rogues' gallery if you will and boy I never thought you could make Captain Cold cool. Wentworth Miller of Prison Break manages this well as well as his co-star Dominic Purcell of Blade Trinity and Prison Break as the pyromaniac Heatwave.

Can the Flash speed through whatever is thrown at him or will be come in dead last?

Okay fan boys and girls, yes a few things have been altered to fit a soap opera format... get over it. You nitpick about all the show isn't and you will not enjoy a thing of it. Gustin delivers with a warm, trusting heart and still bops the baddies. Hell Ollie is darker than the comic character is and this is also an fun show. We even have some reprises from the original 1990 series as John Wesley Shipp plays Barry's dad wrongfully accused of being his wife's murderer. He played Barry/Flash in the day. We get a visit of The Trickster via Mark Hamil who looks bonkers and even Amanda Pays who played Dr. Tina McGee in the 1990 series so there is fun to be had and a new generation of heroes to be seen and heard.

Those aren't Betty Davis eyes!