Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bloodsucker Sequels: Fright Night Part 2

Welcome back my fine fellow and lady readers. We are back for Day 3 of Bloodsucker Sequels and after the SNAFU of yesterday forgetting about Fright Night's lack of review, today we are ready for its sequel. Yeah we will not be looking over the 2011 remake nor the straight-to-DVD 2013 remake to the sequel. If anyone is interested in that sequel, the late Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots or David Tennant so not sure how much fun it could be. 3 years after the first film we find Charley in college and enjoying the student body. This is Fright Night Part 2.

Quite the overbite she has.

Three years after that terrifying night of facing down Jerry Dandridge and his manservant, Charley (William Ragsdale of Fright Night, Smooth Talk, Mannequin: On the Move, Herman's Head, Ellen, Just a Little Harmless Sex, Brother's Keeper, Grosse Pointe, Judging Amy, Big Momma's House 2 and Road House 2: Last Call) is a typical, horny college student all twitterpated with his new lady love, psych major Alex (Traci Lind of Moving, Survival Quest, Fright Night Part 2, Spellcaster, Class of 1999, No Secrets, Bugsy, My Boyfriend's Back, The End of Violence and No Strings Attached). Guess Amy wasn't his "forever" girl. Charley is coming to terms on what happened and starts to believe it was all in his head and forgets that vampires are real... until four strangers make their way to town traveling with noted actress/performance artist Regine (Julie Carmen of Gloria, Condo, The Milagro Beanfield War, Falcon Crest, Blue City, Lovers, Partners & Spies, Paint It Black, Kiss Me a Killer, Seduced by Evil, In the Mouth of Madness and the Omen) will be appearing on Peter Vincent's Fright Night show. Peter (Roddy McDowall of That Darn Cat!, Batman, Planet of the Apes, The Legend of Robin Hood, Journey to Murder, Pretty Maids All in a Row, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Poseidon Adventure, The Legend of Hell House, Planet of the Apes TV series, The Fantastic Journey and Circle of Iron) feels slighted after offering his best years to this show but also feels as if Regine is more than she seems.

I just sat on a tack.  Ow.

Along with Regine is her familiar or daytime protector Bozworth (Brian Thompson of Cobra, Werewolf TV series, Fright Night Part 2, Alien Nation, Key West, Kindred: The Embraced, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-Files) a ripped, built Reinfield that enjoys the scientific name of his delicacies i.e.bugs before ingesting them, werewolf Louie (Jon Gries of Helter Skelter, Real Genius, Running Scared, The Monster Squad, Fever, Martin, Men in Black, The Pretender and Lost) and Belle (dance choreographer/actor Russell Clark of Cinderella, Laura Branigan: Self Control, Body Rock, Catch the Heat, Fright Night Part 2 and The Temptations) a smooth criminal..nah just a wild eyed, rocking the roller skates vampire with ace 80s threads.

Believing Charley's stories may not be stories after all, Alex goes to Peter Vincent for help to take down this new blight of the supernatural. With a bit more ice in his veins, Peter agrees, loads up his case of goodies and heads out to assist Alex in saving Charley.

Will Alex and Peter make it in time? Can Regine be stopped? Will I ever stop this gag?

Working as editor and actor under John Carpenter, Tommy Lee Wallace (director of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, The Twilight Zone, Tour of Duty, And the Sea Will Tell, Born Free: A New Adventure, Steel Chariots, Final Justice and Vampires: Los Muertos)brings his "A" game to the film. Ragsdale and McDowall are a wonderful combo and play well off each other. Julie Carmen is stunning to the eye and still managed to creep me out. If you loved the original, allow me to say this is one of those few films that is on par with the first one. Less eye candy for the ladies aside from Brian Thompson's rippling build.

Bleh! HE HAS A MULLET!!!  Death is too good for him.