Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dustin Ferguson: Silent Night Bloody Night 2: Revival

Howdy boys and girls! Cowboy not Curtis here as we continue on to Day 3 of Dustin Ferguson Week. Who is Dustin Ferguson? Have you really not been reading this week's blog at all? You've been binge watching Supernatural episodes again, haven't you? Fine, fine. Retroploitation Horror Director/writer/editor/producer Dustin Ferguson (Terror at Black Tree Forest, The Legacy of Boggy Creek, Silly Scaries, Escape to Black Tree Forest, Silly Scaries 2, Slumber Party Slasherthon, Black Tree Forest III, Doll Killer, Die Sister, Die! And Gloved Murderess) brings a good product in the style of low budget horror with solid premise, performance and local actors and artists giving best effort. Here's a bit of a poser though, gang. How do you write and direct a sequel to a film that starred 43 years ago? Whelp, you try your level best is my guess. This is Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival.

They're coming to get you, Barbara.

Not to be confused with the James Plumb's Silent Night Bloody Night The Homecoming remake. This is based on the story penned by writer/director Theodore Gershuny (Silent Night, Bloody Night, Sugar Cookies, Stephen King's Golden Tales, Tales from the Darkside and Monsters) Angela (Julia Farrell of Flyover Country, The Eyes of Isabelle, Cheerleader Camp: To the Death, Demon Dolls, Shivers Down Your Spine, Endor, The Amityville Legacy and Deciphering) and James Zacherly (Luc Bernier of Apocalypse Female Warriors, Sinister, Shriek of the Sasquatch, Skull Forest, Blood Mercury, Blood Reunion 3: Hunters, Half Moon Bay and The Slayer) visiting the grave of Max, their brother. Our story continues from a stay at a bed and breakfast made from the former family house/insane asylum as Angela and James discover a diary of Jeffrey Butler, the grandson of Wilford who made his childhood home made into a wacko basket to conceal his DIRTY secrets.

Welcome! You must try the bluefish.

The bed and breakfast crazy house is ran by the Brickmans, Carol (Jennifer Runyon of To All a Goodnight, Another World, Six Pack, Up the Creek, Ghostbusters, Charles in Charge, 18 Again!, Till Death Us Do Part and Carnosaur) and Humphrey (Pete Lipins of Wake the Witch, Way to Go, Christine!, She Lifes Her Life and Wasted Nights) with their daughter Holly (Jennii Caroline of The Legacy of Boggy Creek, Escape to Black Tree Forest, Black Tree Forest III, Doll Killer, Die Sister, Die! And Gloved Murderess)

As bizarre as that is, the townsfolk tell our sibling sleuths about the legend of Black Peter, a brother of Santa Claus similar to the Krampus that roamed the countryside administering punishment of the lethal variety.   "PUNISH!"  Go away Billy! You're Silent Night, Deadly Night. Scram!    Sorry about that folks, where was I?

Do love me some orchestral music in the slashers. It's traditional. You get that millennial horror flicks with additions of Slipknot and Korn???!!! Angela and James watch a VHS tape made by late brother Max telling them a dark tale of their mother having being the biggest liar of them all with cryptic comments and hints to all those mysteries can be solved in this town. As the events of the original start coming to light, Black Peter is making his rounds dealing out much needed punishment for those that have been naughty. Can Angela and James reason with Black Peter? Is he really evil Santa? Could the police in a slasher flick be useful??!!!

Some familiar faces of the Ferguson collective such as Julia Farrell, Jennii Caroline and Breana Mitchell make an appearance. I snickered thinking, "Hmm they are missing Schuylar Craig to round it out." Sadly, Wilford/Jeffrey could only be Crazy Ralph on the phone. He was all set to launch into the town had a death curse and everything. The movie works in that same late 70s early 80s style of building tension, conveying story and making characters without douchey dialogue and being post-modern ironic. It is rare I enjoy a modern horror film so thank God for retroploitation.

Aw, Santa has to put Blitzen down.